Sky rocketing fuel prices

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    I think that article makes some good points and we all know our provincial government would never back a new refinery. Its easy to say your in favor of something when you know it will never happen. No one has any plans to build a refinery in BC so why not back it. Its just an excuse they are using to save face and try to limit the back lash. Our own refineries are tiny compared to the other provinces something like 55,000 bbl/day for the bby one. The only thing viable right now is selling the crude oil.
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    There is no way a refinery will ever be built at the tide line in BC. I can only imagine the opposition and protests that would occur. Premier Whoregan's statement that we should build one here is a joke. How does he think the crude for a new refinery would get here? Through the pipeline he is stalling ????
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    The price of fuel won't interfere with my fishing. If it costs more to fuel my boat, oh well. Just the sad facts of enjoying a hobby. It's still worth the price to get out on some of the best waters this world has to offer. Never take what we have for granted. People come here and pay thousands for what we pay for a tank or two of fuel to enjoy. Gotta love BC
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    Think David Black has floated the idea of building a refinery on the North Coast. May have folded the plan once Northern Gateway was shelved, but he was looking at building one.
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    It never got approval and was scrapped after the pipeline got cancelled. Also that pipeline as far as I remember was to deliver crude to other markets also. I would think our harbor is a much safer place with much less obstacles and weather conditions that probably face prince Rupert where I think that pipeline was planned.
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    Good points there are only two major bridges and very few obstacles in the most visited harbour in B.C. Alberta needs to be reminded that we have our own light crude right off our pristine coastline which we choose not to exploit even with the thousands of jobs it could bring because we value our coast too much to risk a blowout so why would it make any sense to then allow Raw Bitumen to ruin our coast when a tanker dumps its load for a handful of jobs. Shut off the taps but remember we do have options too.
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    Don't worry, they won't shut off the taps. All just political posturing. While there will always be some oil needed but it is time we stop investing more into expanding oil business, this industry is winding down, it must or our planet will pay a horrible price. The sooner we embrace this necessary change the better. We as a rich nation need to march up front. Imagine Canada, US and the EU would ban combustion engines for all road vehicles and pleasure boats by say 2025. You know how fast manufacturers would crank out alternatives and have them mass ready and competitively priced in 7 years? You just have to have some balls and a vision beyond your 4 year term as a politician!
  8. Clint r

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    ^^^Well said^^^
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  10. triplenickel

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    What's stopping you today? Power boating and sport fishing are luxury recreation, not a necessity you could stop it today. There's probably more arguments for stopping than against if you want to think about it, environmental, health of stocks, SRKW's etc...... EV's that meet 98% of your needs are available for a fair price today, do you drive one? Now this is the part where you talk about how you're the exception to giving up ICE's and how EV's won't work for your special circumstances, and boating is "just my thing and I'm not giving it up". It's been repeated on here by the most vocal energy industry critics dozens of times when they've been asked if they put their money where there mouths are. Consider that whatever justification you use for maintaining your current lifestyle over the green dream mentioned above it's shared by 7 billion others, that's why EV's don't sell despite covering 98% of peoples needs. If we don't export oil, does that mean potential customers don't buy it, or will they just buy it from someone else? Are the other places they want to buy from our friends, Russia, Venezuela, Middle East etc......?

    Can you help me understand the logistics of this? Let's walk through implementing it, help me understand a few things in your plan;

    Not everyone is rich, how do people in the lower end of the income scale fit in? Is the government giving away new cars?
    What source is the energy needed going to come from?
    There's currently over 275 million vehicles on the road in Canada and the US alone, explain how scrapping them all and replacing with EV's that are yet to be built (forget about the auto factories or the raw materials needed for the motors or battery packs) will lower overall carbon emissions.
    What do we do with the 275 million now scrap vehicles, what's the carbon impact of scrapping them and who's going to pay?
    Who will pay for the infrastructure needed to support these vehicles?
    How will this affect the cost of consumer goods when you consider the trucking industry?
    A move like that would shut down the oil sector in Canada, how will that revenue and those jobs be replaced?
    The biggest one, people don't want it, including you or you'd be doing it already so how will you get the public support needed? You have 7 years and multiple Federal, Provincial, and State administrations and their constituents to get on the same page. When I stand on a street corner in Vancouver and watch cars go by paying attention to ICE's vs EV's and number of occupants it shows reality.
    There's lots more challenges but I think that's enough to discuss at this point.

    Sorry, I'm not picking on you just trying to get people to think beyond the feel good to the reality. Clint if you wanted to address any of the implementation questions feel free. Reading these platitudes with no substance behind them triggers me more than when someone assumes my gender! lol Also don't forget Canada is less than 2% of global emissions, we can't change shit no matter what we do, you're barking up he wrong tree.
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  11. littlechucky

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    The reality:
  12. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    Ahh the old “ Its no use so don’t even bother trying” excuse. Yeah your spot on. Might as well not even bother trying. Why should we bother trying when we can put it off and make our kids pay the consequences. No worries for us right? Doesn’t matter when we’re dead and gone what we leave behind for future generations right? We better all rush out and buy gas guzzling Cadillac’s and keep our heat cranked up eh? And what matter if there’s a few oil spills and constant degradation of salmon and other wildlife’s habitat. No worries as it really doesn’t affect us does it? As long as your bank accounts getting bigger who gives a shit about anybody else. Right? Or am I wrong in assuming your rolling over and advocating the rest of us should too.
  13. wildmanyeah

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    Just tallied up my fuel and oil expenses so far. Run a 135 merc opti max, and a jeep

    So far boat gas, oil and gas additive = $447 and $282 for the jeep total so far $729.

    Have not even left the lower mainland yet, made 2 trips to thrasher from Vancouver and 3 or4 trips fished local Bowen island, Harbor ect. Plan on making 2 trips up to hardy later this year
  14. triplenickel

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    You are 100% wrong in your assumption and your lack of nuance is counterproductive. I've stated my position on here many times and you know it. However you are partially correct in your rant in that nothing Canada does will matter on a global scale. I just asked how you plan to make these solutions a reality, and why the most vocal don't walk the walk. So back to the question, how are we going to get away from ICE's by 2025 like you're advocating for, and if you feel so strongly why are you consuming so much for pleasure?
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  15. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    Yup, I don't like it but this is the world we live in. Part of me hopes gas in the southern half of the province not just the LM goes to $3-$5 this summer. So many on this board will get what they want, less pressure on stocks, less busy water ways, less fuel sold and miles driven, less emissions, less profit for the evil "big oil", too bad about all the negative side effects of losing the unrestricted access to cheap energy we've all become accustomed to and the inevitable increases on consumer goods across the board, which will equal less tourism and guide days. It'll also affect the price of everything coming from and going to Alberta from BC's ports, all of it's imports and exports, everyone needs to smarten up and realize how symbiotic all of us are.
  16. wildmanyeah

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    Every single environmental issue steams from having an ever increasing world population. Where the need to consume keeps on building.

    In Canada we grow our population though immigration policy other countries mainly 3 world do it though higher birth rates.

    Most Canadian have 1 or two children so our rich people have decided that in order to make there assets worth more money we need to import more people to have a growing population. That we need to create inflation, So housing prices go up and so the stock market goes up.

    Even if we switch to everything green that underlying fundamental problem is still their. We will need to Log more trees, Will need to mine for more Metals, will need to increase our food production, Will need to build more dams as we consume more fresh water.

    Governments are completely ignoring the demand side. Look at that graph its showing renewable energy is increasing at an exponential rate but still unable to even cut into the demand for fossil fuels.
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  17. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    I've said the same thing on here many times. Protestors too, you have to go after the demand side not the production side if you want to make a difference. Even if they succeed in shutting down Canada's energy sector as long as there's a demand it'll come from somewhere.
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  18. Gunsmith

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    Heck! I am still waiting for Al Gore and David Suzuki to reduce their environmental footprint.
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  19. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    That's different and you know it.
  20. Floater

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    You can reduce the argument down to be as simplistic as you want. But in the end, you just end up arguing our point for us.

    No one here is against green energy, it’s just anyone with any grasp on reality sees that ending fossil fuels in the next 50ish years is absolutely laughable. It’s actually child like.

    Before you slay me with the old one that says “hah! The horse buggy owner said cars will never take off”, just think about the logistics of a Gov mandated switch to renewables. They have spent a many BILLIONS on it already with an input into the system that would be hilarious if it weren’t paid for with my money.

    Triplenickel nails it, as usual. The enviro warrior hierarchy is akin to a pyramid scheme. The Gods of virtue at the top live the life of extreme carbon emission, but that’s apparently so they are able to fight the good fight. Then the cult like followers will all look below themselves for someone to pick up the cheque in regards to who takes the lifestyle hit for the greater good.

    My o my, if it wasn’t for keyboards connected to the internet, how would you all feel good about yourselves?
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