Shuswap Lake Kokanee

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Shuswapfisher, May 21, 2020.

  1. Shuswapfisher

    Shuswapfisher New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Question for the Shuswap fishing members. I am looking for tips on fishing for Kokanee in Shuswap Lake. Looking online you cant find much information on targeting them in the Shu.

    I am looking for any tips people are willing to give on how to target these fish in this body of water.

    Are they found only in certain arms of the lake?
    Are they mostly found out in the center of the lake?
    Is it even worth trying for here? I dont want to be mistaken trying to fish for another salmon species as it is illegal.

    I imagine they would get to be a decent size as well as there is not much information on people fishing them.

    Thanks and appreciate the help!
  2. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    @Fisher_dude I dont know if matt knows more but I would think a gang troll setup with a small pink hoochie, or apex could work well. Dont really fish for koke's out that way much to be honest.
  3. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    I’ve caught a grand total of 2 kokes in Shu, both as by-catch targeting rainbows. To be honest, with lakes like Monte, Bridge, Deka, Kal, etc, etc with great Kokanee fishing, I’m like most and focus on the big rainbows.

    The challenge would be finding the kokes with the masses of sockeye fry and smolts in the system. That problem aside, you’ll find them where you’d find kokes in any other lake - tip 20 ft in the spring then around the thermocline (25-40 ft down in most lakes) once the surface temps get above 55. I’m not a fan of gang trolls, find the mini-dodgers like sling blades 8-12” in front of mini hoochies or wedding bands with worms or powerbait maggots much more effective. Small Dick-nite spoons, or similar, and small apexes also work. Other key is a slow troll (like 0.75-1.5 mph slow) and lots of turns to speed up and slow down your trolled gear.

    Best of luck!

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  4. Fisher_dude

    Fisher_dude Well-Known Member

    I caught a bunch last summer. All bycatch and all in the antsy arm. They were super aggressive hitting any trolling spoon I had on. Nothing big. 10-12”.
  5. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    I’ve caught them right off of Herald Provincial Park, using Mack’s pink wiggle hooches and sling blade dodger, 16 inch leader. Pretty much use this setup for all Kokanee fishing. I Usually add fire cured corn but you can’t use bait In the Shuswap.
  6. Shuswapfisher

    Shuswapfisher New Member

    Thanks for the insight everyone. I will reply here if i end up getting on any!

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