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    West Kelowna has an urban fishery right in town. Shannon Lake is right beside the Shannon Lake Golf Course and is stocked with Rainbow Trout every year to ensure you a great day of fishing out on the water. It has a ice parking lot with plenty of space a short walk from the lake. The lake is small enough that you can fish the whole lake on foot. I've had good luck on the shallow shoal areas around the lake that can be easily seen by a quick glance on Google earth before heading out. Spoons and jigs tipped with night crawlers do very well. You can catch trout best in the early am and evening time in depths anywhere from 4 feet deep to 12 feet of water. Watch this video and you'll see how the trout in this lake are used to fisherman and are a little hesitant when it comes to biting an artificial lure. This lake also has large mouth bass and perch. Hope these tips help you out on the water.

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    Nice vid!!
    Brings back lots of memories of fishing Shannon Lake as a kid back in the late 70's very early 80's. Those days there where no trout. lots of bass and perch though. In the summer we would cast from shore and on many occasions carry my 8foot wooden row boat all the way over the hill between highway 97 and the lake from Westview Village trailer park. Always looked forward to hitting the alfalfa field so we could skid it across the soft tops. Ice fishing was probably as much work as we still had to walk over the hill in the snow and did not have fancy things like ice augers,so it was a hatchet through knee deep ice. Good times!!

    Sure nice to see it is still producing opportunity for kids and family's to go and enjoy some quality time without having to travel very far or absorb the often huge expense attached to so many recreational activities now a days.

    Cheers: Ray
  3. Damien

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    Looks fun and I don't mean to crap on your thread...but is that method legal? An unattended line that sets the hook itself?
  4. Damien

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    Eeeks, looks like DFO had similar feelings and wrote you up? I see some notes on the youtube clip...

    Published on Mar 11, 2017

    ATTENTION!!!!! Note to Anglers using Jaw Jackers or lines not directly in hand. After discussion with a BC Conservation Officer it should be noted that use of the Jaw Jacker in this video while drilling holes or not under close direct visual monitoring can be viewed as an unattended line and a fish hooked for extended periods of time will increase stress on the fish. Please remember to only use one line while ice fishing in British Columbia and PLEASE DON'T DO WHAT WAS PICTURED AT THE BEGINING OF THE VIDEO! I'll change my ways too then we can all learn best practice fishing methods together!
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    Hey Damien It's my Youtube Channel and I wrote that stuff up after a talk with the Officer so I could leave the video up and so other people could learn about the use of these gadgets. Someone reported the video because of your question about unattended lines. I was surprised it took so long to get a call because since moving to BC I've been threatened so many times about being reported for various things but nothing has happened till now, when nobody even threatened this time. The use of a Jaw Jackers is completely legal in BC while ice fishing as long as you only have ONE line per person. Unfortunately the meaning on UNATTENDED is not clear in the regulations. To me unattended means put a line in the water and leave, there that's unattended. To me I feel I was attending the line, it went off, I was in the vicinity and returned to pull the fish in... all in like 50 seconds from the time of the initial bite. I'm not sure how that could be considered unattended, but that's why I say its vague. Anyways what the conservation officer said is you should be around, watching the rod so the fish isn't left there struggling for a long time. I didn't receive any infraction, but now understand what they want and have no problem complying with their requests.

    Jencourt - there are still bass and perch, but not as many. I think since they started stocking more trout and maybe even some blackwater strain they may eat the small perch and bass. Who knows but the trout population has been doing great with stocking. It's a great little pond. I caught my first bass there about 17 years ago. Parked along the road then and just walked down the hill where all there is now is houses along there. Crazy how it has build up around there.
  6. FishDoc

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    I'm guessing it's even possible that the report to officials could have come from this site since I've had some unfriendly threatening interactions here before from viewers. That's ok though, I got to have a great conversation with a very nice Conservation officer and now have a great contact for my questions regarding regulations and fishing in BC. So really I owe my thanks to whoever called it in, turned out really nicely.
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    We all learn as we go.
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    No way, no grumpy old men here!
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    Haha, reading these comments make me laugh. I guess these people must be within inches of their line. What about if you close your eyes does that count as an unattended line?
  10. Damien

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    It's not really the comments of the people on this forum that ultimately matter. It's what the fisheries officer had to say that is important for all of us to note.

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