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    This thread is about SFI updates and is now drifting off course.
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    June 30, 2020
    Fishery Notice - 0611 released today provides a description of additional Chinook retention opportunities that will commence July 1st as a result of some of the SFAB proposals being adopted. These opportunities will provide some welcome relief to the non-retention regime for communities like Campbell River, Port McNeil and Powell River and provide a small-scale hatchery retention fishery near Victoria. Unfortunately, the areas surrounding Vancouver and much of southern Georgia Strait are still devoid of reasonable opportunity until mid-July at the earliest, so the SFI in close collaboration with the SFAB is still working hard to provide Chinook retention opportunity for terminal fisheries like the Capilano River mouth that successfully avoid stocks of concern and focus harvest on abundant local hatchery returns.

    There is still a lot of work to be done this summer, the SFI is urging DFO to provide a conservation based rationale for those SFAB proposals that were rejected, a strategy to implement mark selective fisheries (MSF) and mass marking (MM) on a broader scale, and more comprehensive information about addressing the known issues and problems effecting Fraser River Chinook stocks of concern so all stakeholders can get down to the long overdue work on recovery of these stocks.

    The SFAB proposals offer a balanced and responsible approach to addressing conservation concerns, acknowledge First Nations food, social, and ceremonial requirements, and allow for a minimum of opportunity for residents, small communities, and businesses to harvest Chinook salmon in a sustainable manner with no additional impacts to Fraser Chinook stocks of concern. And the proposals have elements that are durable, could have been implemented in April of this year and announced as being a base level of opportunity for 2021 to create certainty and predictability for the coming year. Yet, no such remarks were made on June 19th or in the slow-in-coming related Fishery Notices. Nor was there indication of the development of comprehensive recovery plans for Chinook stocks, action to address in river illegal fishing, long overdue action on predator control, or clarification about transition plans to move open net fish farms to closed containment.

    The Fishery Notice - 0611 provides a clearer description of the opportunities and which of the SFAB proposals were adopted, following additional amendment. These opportunities provide options for those on the East and South West coast of Vancouver Island.
    June 30 - FN0611 Details additional Chinook retention opportunities for Mainland Inlets and in Beecher Bay.

    As all are familiar now, on June 24th Premier Horgan announced the transition from Phase 2 to 3 of BC Restart Plan. This reflects the efforts of British Columbians to follow guidelines and to play a role in reducing spread of the virus. Planning for movement around the Province can now include immediate plans and permits visits to all of your favourite fishing destinations. Please check in on the Covid-19 webpage for additional information. And, watch for Destination BC and Fishing BC promotions for exploring our Province this summer.

    Our Big Spring Raffle sold out well in advance of the draw date. We held the grand prize draw at G.A. Checkpoint on June 22 – Congratulations to the lucky prize winners, listed below! Thank you to those that bought tickets and demonstrated your support. The work and efforts of the SFI must continue to protect and strive for a future for our public fishery.

    Big Spring Raffle Prize winners

    • Grand Prize - Kingfisher Boat, Yamaha Power and Scotty Downrigger package
      • Terry Ellis - Port McNeill
    • Langara Fishing Adventures - Haida Gwaii Trip
      • Wayne Vaughan - Ladysmith
    • Nootka Marine Adventures - Nootka Sound Trip
      • Peter Horkoff - Grand Forks
    • Bon Chovy Fishing Charters
      • Kirk Hall - Delta
    For those that missed this raffle or who didn't win a prize this time - stand by for the Summer Run Raffle starting in July. We are happy to announce that our next raffle will include a Kingfisher, Yamaha and Scotty boat package grand prize, a Langara Fishing Adventures trip, a Vancouver Island Lodge trip, a Nootka Marine Adventures trip and Stanley and Islander early bird prize packages. Thank you to our sponsors and contributors and good luck to all!

    And with a view ahead and for activity on the water this summer, the Fishing BC app has had a major overhaul since last season. Enhancements and new features, including a guide log module, accessed through the Profile settings in the app, are available now.

    Free to everyone, check it out on Apple or Android devices.

    Until next time, tight lines,
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    2020 SFI Conference - November Series - Registration is Open

    Charting a Predictable Path for Salmon and BC’s Public Fishery. Beginning at 9:30 am November 6th and each Friday morning in November.


    We announced our webinar series last week and continue too prepare for this new approach beginning on Friday, November 6th at 9:30 am and then each Friday morning through November.

    The SFI is hosting a series of virtual discussions intended to seek pathways for recovery of salmon stocks and predictable opportunity and reliable access for BC’s public fishery. Each session will be approximately 90 minutes long and will cover topics within this year's theme, Charting a Predictable Path for Salmon and BC’s Public Fishery.

    As the webinar series approaches we will be updating the agendas for each session. There is additional and current information posted and registration links on our SFI Conference Series page <https://sportfishing.us3.list-manag...efa001c46a0c5b48af&id=77ffe05c29&e=1d5d4cced3> .

    While this is a new, online approach for 2020, the annual SFI Conference event has become a key forum where elected officials, public servants and those in the sport fishing industry can meet and share their perspectives on trends, innovations and issues facing BC’s public fishery.

    Note that attendance is free, with thanks to our conference sponsors as noted below, but you must register in advance for each session. Please visit the SFI website <https://sportfishing.us3.list-manag...efa001c46a0c5b48af&id=f5ad4ec275&e=1d5d4cced3> and the 2020 Conference page <https://sportfishing.us3.list-manag...efa001c46a0c5b48af&id=f383e62edb&e=1d5d4cced3> for registration links and conference updates.

    We hope to see you online beginning on November 6th. Mark your calendar and register for 9:30 am on November 6, 13, 20 and 27.

    In the meantime we wish you a great weekend and hope that you are able to get out and vote tomorrow.

    Tight lines,

    The SFI Team









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