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    Lol we could never go above 7 knots with the amount of seals out their
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    Is a fisherman a marine mammal ?
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    June 8, 2020
    Further into June and well into the season, we all transition through Phase 2 and look forward to Phase 3 of BC's Restart plan. It is now possible to be out fishing locally and with a guide and to be making plans to visit places in BC you may not have in the past or expected to before the Covid pandemic hit.

    We continue to wait for a decision regarding south coast Chinook retention opportunity. Opportunity and access remain uncertain and yet reports from those who are on the water now are that abundance is high and fishing is good. SFAB proposals, submitted April 9, offer a balanced and responsible approach to addressing conservation concerns, acknowledging First Nation food, social, and ceremonial requirements, and allowing opportunity for residents, small communities, and businesses to harvest Chinook salmon in a sustainable manner with no additional impacts to Fraser Chinook stocks of concern. The proposals have elements that should have been reasonably and responsibly implemented in April, yet we continue to wait. The impacts to small communities, to businesses and to expectations and planning for all looking to fish in BC are significant. The effects of the pandemic in combination with the unnecessarily broad restrictions to access and opportunity on an activity that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of British Columbians make unnecessary delays inappropriate and unacceptable. The waiting and uncertainty simply add to the damage already ready inflicted by a roll over of last year's measures and the unprecedented effects of the pandemic.

    The decision regarding Chinook fishery management continues while the 2019 interim measures are still in place. As noted, the delay continues to create an atmosphere of uncertainty which hampers general planning and for Covid19 recovery too. This linked brief details the issues and reiterates the urgent and immediate need for a balanced decision and sustainable opportunity and access to Chinook salmon.

    While delays that have been attributed to Covid are unwelcome, the postponement of the XRQ, the deeply flawed experimental recreational halibut program, is. Surely this could be a time to finally dismantle and eliminate the XRQ permanently.

    Many may have forgotten about this program that formalizes allocation transfer from the commercial fishery to individuals in the public fishery. The program was flawed from the start and while it was intended to address a Ministerial requirement to allow for transfer of quota between sectors, the XRQ was implemented not between sectors but between individuals. This XRQ has been a failure, with few participants, few fish recorded and with widespread acknowledgment from the department that it lacks the staff and resources to police or effectively monitor the program in any meaningful way.

    We believe that the program is unnecessary and divisive. It attempts to create user-group distinctions within the recreational fishery. The recreational quota leasing program is inappropriate as it turns recreational fishing into a quasi-commercial harvesting activity; it seeks to create different classes of recreational anglers when all recreational anglers should have equal access to a Canadian public resource; it unjustly enriches a small number of commercial quota holders; and, it distracts anglers from government’s error which was granting private property rights to a Canadian public resource.

    Ultimately we remain firm in our belief that a fixed number allocation system or some method to permit the entire recreational sector to acquire certain and stable access to halibut for a full and predictable season should be employed.

    On a lighter note, the Big Spring raffle has sold out! Thank you to all ticket buyers and raffle prize contributors for your support. Good luck to all at the prize draw 12:00 pm. on June 22. The prize winners will be announced live on the SFI Facebook page on location at G.A. Checkpoint.

    For those that missed this raffle or who don't win a prize this time - stand by for the Summer Run Raffle starting in July. We are happy to announce that our next raffle will include a Kingfisher and Yamaha boat package grand prize and other great prizes too.

    And with a view ahead and for activity on the water this summer, the Fishing BC app has had a major overhaul since last season. Enhancements and new features, including a guide log, are available now. Free to everyone, check it out on Apple or Android devices.

    Until next time, tight lines,

    The SFI Team
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    June 19, 2020

    The Sport Fishing Institute of BC expresses profound disappointment over the 2020 Fraser River Chinook Management Plan – A well developed and balanced approach has been largely ignored.

    Sadly we find ourselves in an unwelcome and bad deja-vu moment, only further into the season and with the situation exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Today, the department has largely ignored important advice and specific plans and data collected by the public fishery, with DFO staff, to implement a balanced and defensible approach to form a 2020 Fraser River Chinook management plan. The public fishery strongly supports a commitment to aid and participate in activities that will lead to the recovery of Fraser River Chinook stocks. However, the measures announced today make clear that the Department do not believe that sustainable access and opportunity and the health and well-being of small coastal communities and Canadians is a priority.

    Appreciating that there are abundant Chinook stocks, both wild and hatchery, from other systems in our waters now and that the carefully developed SFAB proposals identified times, areas and limits that reduced or eliminated pressure on Fraser River stocks of concerns, it is unclear why the health and well-being of communities and citizens is being forgone. DFO’s 2020 plan, details linked here in the News Release and Backgrounder, show little consideration for impact on coastal communities on the south coast of BC.

    The lack of opportunity for Chinook retention unnecessarily continues and impacts areas where the SFAB proposals showed that MSF or hybrid fisheries, size restricted and hatchery retention, could occur with little or no impact on stocks of concern.

    The approach announced today, simply put, is an unacceptable outcome considering the coastal communities, Canadians and businesses impacted versus the benefit that will be delivered to the stocks of concern. The harm caused by measures implemented in 2019 and by the pandemic in 2020 is not reduced by the announcements today but is only exacerbated by it.

    The SFI has consistently urged DFO to adopt a balanced approach that promotes stock rebuilding while at the same time providing a level of access that allows the public fishery, Canadians and coastal communities to survive and benefit. To assist DFO in achieving this goal, the sport fishing community provided carefully developed proposals that offered a minimum of opportunity and would also allow virtually all Fraser River Chinook stocks of concern to pass into the river. DFO has rejected most of the SFAB proposals in favour of implementing management measures that will further damage the economy of small coastal communities in BC.

    Anglers acknowledge that there is a serious conservation concern for specific stocks of Fraser River Chinook, and have always been leaders in stewardship, enhancement and conservation of the salmon they depend on. They have also been at the forefront of consistent and constant urging of DFO to address the real threats to Fraser River Chinook such as habitat degradation, predators, and pollution. To date, DFO has done nothing meaningful to address these concerns.

    Coastal Communities and British Columbians in southern BC continue to pay the price for inaction.

    This bad and disappointing news is countered only somewhat by reports of high abundance of Chinook all along our coast and the likely implementation of Phase 3 in the coming weeks.

    Until next time, tight lines,

    The SFI Team
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    SO i have to ask what is the SFI next step?? what are they going to do ?
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    It seems DFO choose to ignore the requests by advisory groups.
    if that's the case, they clearly don't answer to anyone and don't care.
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    Agreed with Scott. They’ve decided to close their ears to any sort of advisory feedback. This isn’t really a DFO decision and is most likely coming from the PM’s office. The Tx pipeline and the seat on the UN Security Council is going to cost all Canadians a fortune with no return. We sporties are just a minor noise in the middle of this Corporations game and don’t Seem to deserve any attention from the feds. Let’s remind ourselves that Wilkinson started this game and the new minister is just kicking it into phase 2. Fisheriea ministers are just puppets in the hands of the PM and his corporation-savvy aides and advisors.
    Step one of solving any problem is to find the root cause and looking it in the eye. If we can find a way to document this rotten relationship, peel the layers if it and put it in front of the general public, then we’ll get the attention that we deserve.
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    It is obvious to us all now that it is now time for the SFI-BC and all other public fishing sector lobby groups to adopt a new and different strategy! The Fed Govt is NOT interested in science based, balanced management decisions. They have yet again chosen to listen to only a few interest groups and sectors.

    Seems pretty clear that there needs to be highly political responses that can bring about political pain/loss to the Trudeau govt and any govt. after them to get them to actually move to help solve the problems facing west coast salmon and stop throwing the public fishery under the bus to look like they are doing something when in fact they are not.

    Time for all people and groups that support the public fishery across Canada drop our differences and unite to work together, raise funds, build resources and work together on a new plan and approach. Other interest groups and sector do it all the time and successfully - we can too. The time for a new approach is now!
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    Is the SFI going to hold an emergency meeting to decide a response?
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    What kind of response would u like
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    He's obviously looking for a reason why the advisories were disregarded .....
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    It's clear the department is no longer interested in science based fishery management.
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    The general commentary from DFO is that they’ve gone through extensive consultations with all the impacted stakeholders. We already know that this a big fu*#ng lie on the side of DFO. Why not using the democratic process to either make them eat their words or explain their reasoning for ignoring the advisory feedback and lying to the public. That’s the kind of response that I want.
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    yes its politics they have throw science out the window. No type of science response from the SFAB will do a damn bit of difference. The arena now is purley in the realm of politics and the solution will be lobby for more access.

    I'm sure some groups are working on how to best do this. Get media attention and then attack the minister.

    Its going to take an army if you wish to enlist I know a lot of groups like the PFA is looking for volunteers.
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    I agree that there needs to be a well thought out response to DFO's announcement. It has to happen in the next 2 weeks or so to make it relevant to the recent announcements. An email statement to public fishery supporters stating that this is not acceptable is not enough!

    Need to have a well thought out plan to take our issues to the public forum and tell our side of the story ASAP. Then we need to follow it up with more educational and politically driven actions (including carefully planned and well communicated peaceful public protests). Anything less IMO will show them that they can do this and worse to the public fishery in the future.

    Time for ALL of us who support the public fishery and ALL the associated lobbying groups to come together to work on how we are going to apply political pressure against these useless and biased "management" decisions!
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    Your not a member ... why would we tell u???
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    I signed up yesterday.
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    What about setting up a properly timed protest at MLA's offices
    across areas affected or with sympathy from Anglers province wide.
    With a clear message approved by Pfa/Sfi to present to them or their
    office. I've seen similar type of protests get good coverage on local and provintial
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    Shitting on our SFAB volunteers and advocacy groups won't help anything. I've been a director of a local angling activist group. The amount of pressure we get versus support we get is a terrible inverse ratio.

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