SFAB Proposal for Chinook Retention article in the Squamish Chief

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    Here is a partial quote of DFO's response:

    Q2. How feasible are these Sport Fishing Advisory Board suggestions?

    "The Department has received proposals from the Sport Fishing Advisory Board, First Nations, commercial troll and the Marine Conservation Caucus suggesting changes for the 2020 fishery. DFO is currently working with these groups to evaluate any proposed changes for consistency with conservation objectives, obligations to First Nations, Pacific Salmon Treaty requirements and Departmental considerations including feasibility, manageability and stock assessment needs.

    A decision will be informed by these evaluations and is expected in June 2020."

    There is language in the latest Pacific Salmon Treaty regulating Mark Selective Fisheries. They must get approval. There is also language in the treaty requiring BC to reduce the catch of Endangered Puget Sound Chinook by 12.5% in Individual Stock Based Management fisheries (inside Vancouver Island).

    As an FYI part of the US delegation to the PST are some WA State Tribes with Treaty rights (from a 1855 treaty; not the PST), and I assume part of the MSF approval process.

    Here is the link to the treaty in PDF format; clock the blue box to download.

    DFO seems to be rather cryptic on the PST impact on MSF; the treaty is new & I have searched but have been unable to find anything on actual interpretation of the treaty MSF language; probably in-work. As an FYI much of of the MSF stuff down here in WA was done in closed meetings between WA state & the Treaty tribes.
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    I have a meeting set up for next Tuesday with my MP to discuss the SFAB Chinook proposal. I would encourage others to write their MP in support of it or even better ask for a meeting!

    We need more BC MP's to get behind supporting the proposal!
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