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  1. michael_reiber

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    Just wondering if anyone had any experience fishing at Seton lake from shore
    Before? Going to be going on a road trip and will be staying at the camp ground for a night and I was just wondering if I should pack a rod and give it a try one night, is there a dock to fish off or where can I fish? And what techniques normally I'm just a power bait of bottom kind of guy will that work here?


  2. Capilano

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    You can try fishing off the dock where the lake drains into the channel. Be forewarned though, it is shallow there and there have probably been more lures and other gear forever donated there then fish taken. Best bet is to fish off the beach. Wade out into the water a bit (it is warm this time of year) and toss a lure or spinner from there. You'll find the odd bull or rainbow trout there but it is not a real productive area of the lake.
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  3. michael_reiber

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  4. Damien

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    I caught a few trout right off the dock as well. Don't let your gear sink too far. Maybe use a spoon that isn't a fave first. Try counting down 2 seconds, then retrieve, then 4, then six etc until you find the sweet spot before snagging. Then go from there. I lived in Lilooet for a year and spent some time there and in Cayoosh. Check the regs, if open you could have good luck in the creek for bulls. Lots of bats at dusk which are fun to watch.
  5. bigdogeh

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    Haven't fished there before, but it sure is a beautiful looking lake. The scenery alone is worth camping or visiting it...
    I've fished in a few fast running creeks in that area and they were quite productive...
  6. Capilano

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    Yes it is normally a beautiful area but the interior wildfires have really impacted the air quality. This image was taken on the 30th or 31st of July.
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