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    Very easy and quick to do, simply click on the link in blue below.

    With 1/4 of all the salmon fish farms up for renewal we have a great opportunity to pressure the NDP govt., to not renew these licences, especially those in the path of known salmon migration routes.

    Wow - major news! In response to our petition and the viral video shot by Tavish Campbell, Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc announced he is open to suggestions for improving the Fisheries Act when it comes to protecting wild salmon!

    This is a huge victory for our coasts and salmon -- and was only possible because of people like you.

    Minister LeBlanc says updates will be ready to introduce to the Fisheries Act by early this year. You can bet industry is getting ready to throw all of its resources into pressuring the government to weaken these critical new regulations.

    That's why the government needs to hear from you right now to ensure the amendments to the Fisheries Act properly protect salmon and the coast, and don't cater to industry.

    We've reached out to top experts and created this easy tool that lets you write directly to Minister LeBlanc and provincial decision-makers. It only takes a minute and it will make a huge impact.

    Will you join me in sending an email to Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc and provincial decision-makers to make critical changes to the Fisheries Act?

    The viral video released last November shows parasite and virus-laden blood being spewed into the ocean right next to a critical wild salmon migratory route. In response, we launched a rapid-response petition, and overnight over 15,000 Canadians signed.

    Minister LeBlanc immediately responded and announced he is going to change the Fisheries Act. Let's seize this critical opportunity to protect wild salmon now.

    Salmon farming is threatening wild salmon, polluting our oceans and threatening Indigenous culture and ways of life. The Fisheries Act needs to be urgently updated to reflect the danger of open-net pen salmon farms.

    Can you take a minute to write directly to Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc and key provincial decision-makers now?

    Please send an email to Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc and key provincial decision makers to recommend important changes to the Fisheries Act that protect wild salmon.

    Send your email now

    Thanks for all that you do,
    Emma, Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

    More information:

    Salmon farms spewing untreated bloodwater puts wild fish at risk: advocates The Spec, November 30 2017
    Blood Water: B.C.’s Dirty Salmon Farming Secret Tavish Campbell Photography, November 27 2017

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