Sekiu fishing report 2015

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    Good weekend fishing Aug 21-23 between my partner and I we caught over 80 fish in three days but only kept our two per day per fisherman quota... Longest day was Friday when we were dialing in what worked and did not work to land 4 coho keepers. Took 12.5 hours... Saturday we limited out by 7:30 AM and Aug 23rd we limited out by 10 AM... we had 3 on the boat by 6:30 AM but it took at least 15 catch release by me and almost as many by my partner before we boated the last fish... We ended up with about 25 pounds of filleted and vacuum packed coho... what worked: bright white hootchies with sparkle skirts, beaded head, very small piece of herring on first hook under skirt. Fished 35 ft in AM and moved down to 45 feet by mid morning... trolled between 1.5 and 2.4 kts using a UV flasher set about 12-20 ft behind down rigger clip... Looking forward to the next FIVE weekends... the last three will be hatchery AND wild Friday-Sunday... we ought to do great... Weather was awesome... Saturday the straits were flat... not even a roller... today we had 1-3 foot waves and a light breeze... I wore a tee shirt each day... sunny and awesome...
    Saturday AM as the sun rose:
    Sunday AM weather closing in:

    Can't wait for wild coho weekends coming up...
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    Great report. Thank you. My yearly trip starts in 17 days. Can't wait.

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