Seafood Recipes ....... ( Grilled Spot prawns )

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    It's all about the charred shell
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    Yeah very tasty! There were no leftovers lol
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  3. Reeltime

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    Ceviche Spot prawns and Tuna, on some deep fried corn tortilla...

    Ceviche recipe - tuna, prawns, red onion, cilantro, lime, lemon, red Thai chili, coconut milk to coat, sea salt, red n yellow pepper, mango....stir all together refrigerate for 30 min then serve.

    No measurements just do your own personal taste, more zing and heat if you like.
    sashimi salmon would also work nice.

    B1F553C6-69FE-48DA-B923-3AFDBD69C879.JPG 24BFEF9E-541D-42BB-83E7-121A7AA4C279.JPG
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  4. Derby

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    I'm hunger now :)
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  5. Reeltime

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    Must try with all the tuna you have, i'm down 1 last piece :)
  6. Derby

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    hahhaha.. I tell u what.. i'll bring the tuna if i get to sample :)
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    Hey derby were those the tuna lions you were going to give me :(
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