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  1. BigBadBrad

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    I have been having so many issues so I switched to 60lb main line and just burry it in the back of the clip. I found when cooking greasy food on the boat like my famous corn dogs, my hands get full of mustard and grease and in turn gets all over the line ....This was causing the clips to pop off. I did find Frenchs mustard a little less greasy than Heinz so they clips held better lol!!!! Just kidding.

  2. Original

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    I have had to cut off 25ft of line to be able to clip on an uncontaminated spot. It can get frustrating having to reset.i also keep a Pak of new yellow ends as they do wear out. Some great ideas above Tks.
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    Just fished Campbell River on Saturday. The shallowest we fished was 230’ and the deepest was 290’. We were dragging Bottom the whole time. Our guide had fabbed up his clips similar to Mako’s first pic. Worked like a hot damn.
    I have cannon offshore release clips for fishing deep. They have considerably more hold as they are meant to be fished at much higher speeds while hunting pelagic species.
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    Hey all. Thanks for the tips. I pulled off the green tips last night and cleaned them with brake cleaner, then warm dish soap, then roughed with sandpaper.
    Also cut 30ft of line off of each rod.

    Today no false pops! They held so tight I couldn’t even pop them when I tried. So I backed the clips off to normal setting... still no false pops. So it must have been oil on them.

    Managed this one into the boat, 70cm. Lots another beside the boat with a line break. If anyone finds a chinook pulling a spoon and green flasher that’s mine! Ha.

    thanks again everyone.

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  5. Skucy

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    I know a lot of you are very pro Scotty. But I was thinking of giving these a try. Seems like the design may help in false releases.
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  6. Ian wagner

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    Another way of dealing with this problem is to tie a bobber stop knot with Mono on your main line works great with light braid that won't work with the scotty clips
  7. Aces

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    And buying French’s you are supporting a Canadian company.
    Such a patriot!
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  8. seadna

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    I've used those releases before (from a previous manufacturer - there was a few years where no one made them). They are nicely adjustable in release tension but you have to be REALLY careful in how you wrap the line around the pin. E.g the line can't cross itself otherwise it can bind under tension and won't actually release. I just modify my Scotty clips using the fuel line as a spacer trick. Also, I always run a mono leader on reel with braid as it's really tough to get braid to stick in the scotty releases - especially for deeper fishing.
  9. chinnok

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    That would end up costing maybe $40 a clip???? I think I will stick with Scotty.
  10. Skucy

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    Really that’s good to know. Quite a few of my fishing buddies like to set there own lines up on my boat. So the last thing I would want to do is make things more complicated for them when they are new to it already. So that may very well totally change my plans. I guess since I have lots of Scotty clips a cheap mod to make them better it’s worth a try.

    If you bought one at at time for sure. After your post it made me question what I thought the website meant. So I then contacted Chris a BigC. looking at his reply I guess the more you buy the cheaper they are.

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