Scallop and Prawn Risotto

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    Guaranteed minimum handy (or fingery) after this one. ;)

    Start building flavor.
    I warm up my oil and add some chili flakes and garlic.
    Next I heat up my prawn stock that I made from the heads and shells before. I store it in concentrated 250ml jars. I added about 2.5L of water. You don't want this too potent, I've ruined many batches with an overly salty stock.
    Take the garlic out of your oil, make sure you get it all. Now add in the new shells from this batch of prawns. Fry them up to develop more prawn flavor. DON'T BURN THE PAN!
    Next cut up the prawns and fry them for only about a minute. DON'T BURN THE PAN!
    Do the same with Scallops now. Don't overcook them you're just trying to develop more flavor in the pan. Remove them and set aside. DON'T BURN THE BOTTOM!
    Next throw in one shallot diced small and sweat it down for a minute. Then add 1 cup of rice. Toast the rice for a few minutes letting it suck up the oil and brown just a touch.
    Now turn the heat up a little and hit it with 1 cup of white wine to deglaze all that goodness off the pan that you've worked so hard to not burn. You want it hissing and spitting while you scrape the bottom. Stir it constantly until it looks like this.
    Now start adding a couple ladles at a time of your hot stock. I cheat and just let it cook down for 5 minutes before I start stirring like a mad man. I find the most important time to stir is when there's less stock and the rice is stickier. This makes the "cream" in the dish.
    You'll have to do this several times. When the rice is cooked but still firm cut the heat, add some parm, parsley and all your seafood back in. Now check for seasoning and add s&p to taste and a shot of lemon.
    The real pro tip now is to just let it be until you're ready to serve. You should have a little stock reserved for getting it to the right consistency as you plate. Add a little with the heat on just to get it nice and loose. You shouldn't be able to pile it on a plate, a little runnier is better as it will dry out as it sits.
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    That looks deadly but I don't have the patience to make it lol
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    Yeah this is one of those psycho "love the struggle" kinda dishes. I 100% understand why people would NOT want to do this lol.
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    I going to have to do this one.. thank u for sharing :)
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    looks good but it needs some Chanterelle mushrooms in it
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    I had some chanterelles and considered it but I'm a purist. Mushroom risotto is mushroom risotto. I don't like to muddle flavors. The seafood was very present which I liked, even considered no cheese for the same reason.
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    Finally getting around to make this.

    Where do you get your scallops from?

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