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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Jencourt, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Jencourt

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    so I have a new roll of premium blue prawn rope. Wen I got it the guys at northern ropes told me to keep it in the plastic and spool it out from there. I was able to get at each end to splice loops in for use.

    Question is. Should I take to boat in plastic and let traps out right from plastic for first time or should I try to coil in my bucket at home first?

    Funny thing is this is the fourth roll I have done and can’t for the life of me remember what I did a few years ago with the other three.

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  2. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    u still have the traps...?
  3. michael_reiber

    michael_reiber Active Member

    We've always tried to coil it off the spool into the bucket and it's always a mess I think next time we do it we will probably take the spool out with us and then coil it into a bucket when we pull it back up!

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  4. Redfisher

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    Take the coil on the boat and then hand over hand it onto the floor of the boat. just let it lay on the bottom of the boat.

    Hook up your first prawn trap with your weight and start the setting process.

    Rope is easy to set off the floor the first time.

    When you haul it in I assume it is into a tub or something so all will be good for your next set.
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  5. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    Ah ya ? Why do you ask that?
  6. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    that was supposed to be a funny what
    with missing traps and all...
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