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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Sculpin, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Matthias

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    My boat competing in the Vancouver Chinook classic

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    Finally got around to editing this from early July. Wasn't expecting much when we headed out as it had been pretty slow and the fish had been fairly scattered, but stayed local (to Vancouver) and had a busy morning and great weather off the south end of Bowen. First rod was down just after 6 am and had the first fish on before the second rod hit the water. Ended up wading through a lot of shakers and undersize, but finished up with our limit by 10:30 am. Would have shot more video, but was too busy to change the battery in the GoPro!

  5. saanauk

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    Not fishing but diving at Tahsis. :)
    Two buddies in this video.

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    Snook are awesome. They're like the steelhead of Florida. It's sad that during catch and release spawning season live bait and lifting fish out of the water is allowed. It's a lot like using roe on redds with rough handling of steelhead. It's basically zero skill spawner abuse.

    Plenty of big dead spawners floating around Jupiter inlet every summer morning to show the effect.

    Not to be a total whiner, this video shows why redfish are so much fun.

    I guess embedded Facebook videos don't work even though embed tool says Facebook is valid option.
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    Ripple Rock
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  10. SFBC

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    I was able to view your video...looks like a blast!
  11. Reeltime

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    Some Howe Sound fishing outing i had in the past weeks , never get tired of the scenery.
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    Some pretty cool videos gentlemen.
  13. Reeltime

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    Looking forward to this year already , was a fun summer 2017.
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    Good stuff guys.
    Thanks RNR
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