Sad Times-- Tyee Marine Courtenay Closing up.

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Cuba Libre, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Its sad for the 6 employees that have lost their jobs. Apparently rising rent and a lot of competition from other outfits in town have made the decision for the owners. Personally, I will miss them because I could always find what I wanted locally between Tyee and Gone Fishin. And both Tyee and Gone Fishing guys and gals were great to BS with if they wernt busy. No need to go to Nanaimo or Campbell River.
    Some items are being sold at clearance prices.... some very nice womens camo gear at 50% off. Boxed Mustad steelhead hooks , fly tying material, reels and a few rods, good quality chest waders etc . Not that much salt gear, but as they send stuff to the home store in Campbell River, I expect that will change....

    Its sort of like picking over the bones of a dead body.
  2. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    the older gentalman that runns the anter score, was the original ,before oscars buying group.duncan st fishin shop was the greatst squere footage of the sportsman. land and water.
  3. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Active Member

    very sad news...tyee has been my go to store for rods reels and gear. Going to miss that store! Pisses me off... Really we have to buy online to save 5 dollars! Well get what you pay for... So much for looking at the gear you may want or getting advice.. Hell I saved 5 bucks! Very sad.

    RODNREEL Active Member

    That's shitty !!!
    I buy from the little guys, always have. Support locally owned stores you support local people.Never made sense to me to spend the money I make locally online or at a box store a hundred and fifty km away.
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  5. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Well-Known Member

    I think it is more to do will less people in the hobby then people buying online.
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  6. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Active Member

    So have you been out fishing locally in the summer? Have you been to Browns bay during the chum run? Ya noooooone fishing these days.......
  7. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Well-Known Member

    Most shops can't survive on saltwater fishing only, pointing at an event where everyone from out of town brings there own gear is hardly a representation of the normal crowd. My local fishing shop closed because there's been almost no fresh water fishing openings.

    If you referring to guide buying cases of lures online or ordering from shops thats going on forever.

    I just don't no many fishermen that buy anything online.
  8. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    The gentrification of the North Island:). Wholesale Sports has gone as well.
  9. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    I beg to differ with you Wildmanyeah
    How much time do you spend in Campbell River??
    We have shopped there many times in the past and they are a great local business
    Sorry to see them go!
  10. bigbruce

    bigbruce Crew Member

    The Courtenay store is closing, not the Campbell River store.
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  11. Whitebuck

    Whitebuck Well-Known Member

    Like 95% of what wildmanyeah posts he is wrong.
    Lots of guys out there.
    Still support the local shops!!!
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  12. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    I don't think online shopping has made as big a hit in our local lure market as it has hit every other retailer. YOu really can't get a lot of what we use here for a signifigent discount online. You can get knock offs, but if you want a Jensen Coyote or a G-Force, online is about the same as local.

    But the complete destruction of our salt fishery is not helping, and yes, there are less people participating every year.
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  13. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    In this case...thinking the lease may have became a little too much perhaps... tackle buss is a tough one....
  14. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Thats what they told me Deryk.
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