River Journal 09/12/2018

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    Secound day on the flo. With the heavy rains the river was up and very hard on the legs. Three fellas fell in after loosing their footing the day before. I wear steel studs but it was still a effort when you run down river chasing a salmon to keep you footing. Drifting with a bead set 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the hook I lucked out and landed 5 coho. The biggest we weighed was 12+ pounds. Silver and full of fight. Nice to have salmon rubber net that allow safe landing and release for the salmon survival as no scales or slime removed.

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  2. onefish

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    Floss'n on the Somass at service road.
  3. chinnok

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    Give your head a shake!!!!!!
  4. big rock

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    If someone wanted to floss they would use a bead.
  5. big rock

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    Sorry Treblig I meant to say wouldnt use a bead.

    Great job on the posts. Keep them coming
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    dosnt look like the Sumas anyways.
    my guess is that its closer to the hatchery.
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    River Journal 09/14/2019
    I had to take a day off from fishing as my body was telling me it needed a rest. With the heavy rains that occurred the day before I knew the river would be even higher. The flow didn't disappoint us. It was high so high we could not access our favourite run. As we approached the river an angler just came to shore fully dripping as he lost his footing and was totally submerged. He was ok but not in the mood to fish. We decided wade down river following the bank that was waist deep to cross and the water flow was very slow. We managed to cross but it didn't look good. Well we were wrong. Using Steelybeads set 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the hook, I had 5 springs on and landed. Thank goodness for the Luckystrike rubber salmon net as no scales or protective slime was removed from the released salmon. Funny the last few outings were only coho today was only springs. Most anglers were fishing the fast water. I fished the seam were it was slow and didn't have an issue on them picking up the bead.

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  9. cammer

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    It’s a complete floss fest OBVIOUSLY but when in Rome... u do as the romans ! 7 foot leaders and any colour of bead, wool , Corkie, doesn’t matter as these fish don’t bite ! I was near him recently and it’s all the same. Floss till you get a take down , It’s not the Sumas lol.
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  11. treblig

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    Moderators... Please see that this post does not get hijacked . Its reponses like these that stop your members from posting. Look at the site that just shut down. They didn't look after their member who wanted to share their adventure and allowed flamers, hijackers, to continue slamming while all they do is negative repsonses looking for a fight. Then they wondered why people stop sharinging . Remember its time to stop the bullies and members stand up.

    This is my opinion and no offence is meant

    Now cammer you don't know me . If you were near me then you were fishing also lol ..... but you were not near me by many miles .
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    Nice fish Treblig !
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    Nice fish. Keep the positive reports coming. I’m no where near there to be able to fish, but can live vicariously through reports like this.

  14. cammer

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    Didn’t say I knew you. Said I seen you, SSS salmon don’t bite because of early Hatchery practices of the Robertson , the breeding of genetics back then must have been the reason ? However u slice it. They don’t bite at all, this thread should be about the harvesting of beautiful west coast salmon not techniques as everyone uses 5/7 foot leaders , float??? Doesn’t matter , legal rententionpractices? Nope snagged fish count , Call it what it is on stamp systems beautiful harvest
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    Great reports. Haters hate no matter what. Always a great read Treblig.
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    No need to floss if it isn't your thing. The springs are all over roe, red hot double stuff procure..;)
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    This debate has gone on before. Posting one's activities, so long as they are not illegal or contravene our posting guidelines, do not require negative comments. If you want to start a discussion on whether or not a certain "style" of fishing is ethical or should be stopped by the governing bodies for our fisheries, by all means create a new thread rather than derailing these types of posts.
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    Always a good read treblig. Haters will hate.
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    what site was shut down treblig.?
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    Fishtatics has shut down for the lack of activity. They just failed often not protecting the an angler posting from being bullied. So anglers stopped posting. I was with them for 9 years as their feature writer. So sad when it could have been avoided.
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