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    My wife and I spent Aug 15 to Aug 25 in Tofino. Our boat, camper and pickup were stored up there from our last trip, so we flew from Boise Idaho. We got the boat launched the first day and watched the guides and private boaters come in with big tubs of fish. We were excited. The Springs were in and the guides were releasing anything less than 15 lb. They were also bringing in lots of Cohos. The usual hotspots were all producing.

    We talked to the Charter Captains and as usual we were amazed at how much information they were willing to share with us.

    We headed offshore the next morning and fished not too far from the fleet. It was a great day of fishing! We caught about 6 good Springs and kept 2 that were both about 20 lb. We also weeded through Cohos to find some large, hatchery mostly fish. It was a simply great start to our trip.

    For the next 8 days we fished. We were able to get offshore almost everyday, although my wife took a couple of weather days off. We have a 22 foot Hewescraft Searunner and we are more limited than the charter boats in getting offshore.

    We were done keeping fish after a few days. We didn't keep anything under 18 lb and my wife got a 25 lb Spring. Our niece flew in from Texas and fished a few days with us, also. She ended up starting with an 8 lb Coho, that was the biggest fish she had ever caught. I was stacking 2 lines on one of the downriggers and she hooked up on my light Coho rod that just went crazy. This was the second fish she had caught and it took about 20 minutes to get it in on very light tackle. It ended up weighing over 25 lb and she was estatic.

    We fished halibut and did ok. We lost 2 big ones at the boat, fooling around trying to measure them to make sure they weren't too big. They snapped the steel leaders we were using. But, we got some smaller ones.

    We ended up going surfing one day and had a blast. Imagine a 66 year old with arthritis trying to surf! But, it surewas fun.

    We love Tofino and will make a few trips a year up there. We drove up in July with our boat, camper and pickup, fished for 10 days, then flew home. We stored the boat, camper and pickup up there and then flew back and forth.

    I especially want to thank everyone at Marina West for all of the hospitality we received. And particularly the Charter Captains who were so very generous with their time and advice. Shawn, tofinoguy on this site was especially helpful. He actually got on my boat and marked hotspots on my gps.

    After 10 days, we left and drove home with our rig. We are so looking forward to next year! We sure love Tofino and all the folks there.
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    Sounds like you and you wife had a great trip. My boat is based in Sooke and I have never dragged it up to Tofino. However I have been with guides a couple of times a few years back.

    Anyway, glad you appreciate our Canadian environment and fishing so much and hope you will do all you can your side of the border to keep it as pristine as it is. (I expect you are aware of the projects and proposals I am talking about.....:))

    Tight Lines!!

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