RANT: SFAB meeing Wednesday Mar 21 7pm (Victoria)

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Jockey, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Jockey

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    The meeting is at the Sheraton FourPoints Hotel in langford I hope everyone attends (this is the same hotel as the hali seminar right?)

    I remember the last time there was a meeting towards the end of 2011 there was also a Cancucks Vrs. Chicago game the same night. Turn out was poor and I am sure part of the reason was guys decided to stay home and watch the game instead of spend the night getting lied to by DFO and listening to depressing BS that is out of our control. I know that was part of my excuse.

    So it's a good thing there isn't a Canucks vrs. Chicago game this wednesday when the meeting is taking place this way everyone can come!

    Or wait... what the hell? How could it be?

    So there are two sport fish meetings on the south island in the last 6 months and BOTH fall on nights that not only the canucks play but they play their biggest rival the blackhawkes. Hmmm... something smells a little fishy and it aint this forum. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe just maybe they don't really want that many people there.

    I don't want to go I've been before it was a big load of BS and nothing came of it. But this time I will go again and this time I will not be afraid to speak up. I hope everyone does the same. Lets drag this meeting out until sunrise if we have to. Then if they still make changes and if those changes don't make any sense (IE area 19/20 closed but everyone else can fish) then maybe Holmes attitude of fuck em I do what I want isn't such a bad one. That is exactly how the DFO treats us isn't it?

    One thing I can tell you for sure is I will be out fishing for chinooks off Sooke this summer open, closed or otherwise my hook is in the water as much as I can just like it was last year and just like it will be next year and the year after. They can close the fishery but they won't be stopping me from fishing unless they get DFO boats out there to physically do so.

    I'm not saying I will fish for keeps but I am saying I will be out there targetting chinooks and if I have to release them because of the regulations I will but I'm not going to lay off one bit. As a weekend angler I get maybe 10-12 days of real mature chinook fishing per season I hope nobody in my shoes lets the DFO get in the way of what we love to do. It's about the fishing not the fish if my freezer is empty but I had a good day on the water it was still a good day on the water.

    Everyone get out there and fish no matter what screw the longlines, screw the slot limits, screw the closures, screw the DFO, and screw anyone else who wants to hold us down. Maybe the regs don't allow you to keep fish anymore but so what keep fishing and keep fighting we can't let them win and we can't stay home and pout all we can do is go fishing and continue fighting!
  2. Fishtofino

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    Relax, It's an early game. The Canucks will be pawning the Hawks early and then you can still make the meeting OR go to the pub there for the whole game and walking to the meeting afterwards
  3. scott craven

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    We all disagree with DFO policy, however they are the "law"on the ocean.
    I admire your determination, but i believe we need to solve the issues somehow
    without confrontation.
    I'm hoping they can see how valuable the sports fishery is to the economy
    as well as how many livelihoods depend on it.
    Perhaps one a day retention would get us through the season ? not great but better than nothing. :eek:
  4. Jockey

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    What on this planet has been achieved without confrontation?

    I can't think of much that has any meaning. I would rather have 0 per day then 1 per day. They will make it 1 per day this year and people will accept it a few will fight but next thing you know it's 1 per day forever once they change it they don't go back look at the slot limit it came in one year and here it has been ever since. Same with hali when it went 2/3 to 1/2 it never went back to 2/3 and it never will don't kid yourself into believing otherwise. It would take a miracle (or complete overhaul of the DFO beliefs and allegences) for it to reverse.

    If they make it 0 per day people will be right pissed off and fight harder. Either way like I said before I am still going fishing at 0 per day I probably won't have many boats to compete with. Releasing dying fish always bothers me but not fishing at all would bother me more.
  5. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    Not to late to race down and get a PVR to record the game. They are cheap now and have the added bonus of skipping the ad's and talking heads.
  6. Lipripper

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    Your starting to sound like holmes* there Jockey... Don't blame ya. I have been on the phone till now and think I have a good number of guys coming.

    I have never been to one, this will my first.

    I would like to post some interesting links but I can't seem to find them now (DFO spending related to employees)

    Its funny that we have these commie guys show up recently to garbage up the board with their skewed numbers and propaganda... Not sure why they are trying to fight us?

    The government is the problem...

    The feds do not look along the same lines as the province.... but they are the law..They don't look at localized economies.. They look at what gets money in their pockets the fastest.

    Ill vote for the Western Canada Separatist party ;)
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  7. Fish-Hunter

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    Keep your eyes on the ball boys, PVR the game and go to the meeting! If we can't make the choice of fishing over the game, then that sends a message to all, that fishing must not be really all that important to the recreational guys, the hockey game is more important so they get what they get then. If they like watching stuff on TV soo much, maybe they can watch "fishing" on TV, instead of going fishing??? Just saying!

    This is important, get everyone that you know to go to the meeting, fill the building!
  8. chris73

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    Someone invited all the local MPs and MLAs? They should be concerned as well about the economic impact threatening their ridings. Worth a call I say.
  9. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    That's what I just heard... A good head count would be nice..
  10. Sculpin

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    Great idea:cool:
  11. lorneparker1

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  14. NautiGirl

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    They figured there were about 350 people at the meeting tonight. We told DFO to stick their restrictions until they figured out how to do somthing besides cut, like perhaps habitat management, and investing in hatcheries. Les the DFO guy on the news had no idea what volume of fish Washington hatcheries have been cranking out. You would think they might want to figure out what is working? Total blatant denial of any fish farm problems from them as well.

    On the progress side, Chris Bos mentioned there are early talks among rec, hatchery people, and conservation types to organize and work towards setting up a series of net pens for hatch fish from Sooke around to Saanich Inlet and stock them with Nitinat and Cowichan chinook. If DFO cant make sure there are enough fish to feed the orcas and the rec fishermen, then we can do it.

    Someone also asked if we could get the FN's to use their seal hunting licence to cull some seals from the Vic waterfront for "ceremonial purposes". Good idea. I suggested we swap seal meat for chinook salmon, pound for pound and take it from the Fraser River fishing bands' foods fish allocation. Their catch is 35% of the at risk early fraser salmon catch and the total rec catch is 11%.
  15. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Its a pickle. FN are placing pressure on DFO to stop rec fishery for Fraser Chinook. Additional pickle is problem managing a mixed stock fishery where there are other healthy runs of chinook migrating with the Fraser stock. Not sure what management options would be best to try to create a win/win for everyone as this is really being complicated by Fraser River FN pulling the conservation card.
  16. lorneparker1

    lorneparker1 Banned

    Wow! Amazing what some publicity can do. Well done folks something to be proud of. I have been trying to eduate my self on this fraser chinook thing and man is it ever a dogs breakfast. I know the SFAB is working hard to try and fix it, but like most things they deal with, its very complex. Good luck boys! Wish i could have been there tonight but i was back and forth to work till almost 8:30. I hope to be present for Port alberni, and nanaimo at the end of the month.

  17. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    The FN where there (the ones in the above news link) but failed to say anything. I wonder if they felt intimidated? There was a fair bit of frustration in the room. CTV also left just before some of the good questions..

    Les looked like a deer in headlights on a few of them.
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  18. SerengetiGuide

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    Natives are the worst culprits of all in terms of these stocks...they're SO hypocritcal it's mind boggling. Conservation? They don't even know what that word is...look at what they did to the Knight Inlet moose population.
  19. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    WHY DONT THE FIRST NATIONS PUT THE NETS ON THE LAND ................. Drive up HWY 1 and 97 .......... do they ever stop fishing ?? ........

    What a bunch of Hypocrites ...............

  20. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    For sure, but if they stuck to their word they would be a strong lobbyist.

    But like most, they are all about their own agenda.... smoke and mirrors and such
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