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    888EBDB7-9CEE-4D9E-A380-A0B24D444644.jpeg FF65466D-20A1-4CC2-931A-2D532E6F7CD8.jpeg Hey guys anyone have any ideas on running a new radar cable to this mount. Thinking I’m at the point of just having to drill a new hole out in front of the mount. Here’s a picture of the old cable under the mount. Had to cut it. I’ve now even cut out a couple more inches in the direction of the cable but stil can’t free it up. The cavity is very small to begin with and the original install used 520o th fill the cavity, or the had the roof off at factory and installed the cable. Thinking I may have to drill new hole to lookers left of anchor light and run cable along roof top to back off radar mount. Any ideas?
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    With the placement of your mount there don’t seem to be too many other options if you want to seal off that hole.

    If you want to do it a bit cleaner, you could remove the dome and the mount, drill a hole in the rear of the mount, then drill another hole in your wheelhouse roof beneath the base of the mount and feed the cable through those holes——that way everything is nice and clean and covered up—-of course, you’d have to deal with the signal cable coming down into the wheelhouse at a new location but it’s probably quite close to where it was before.

    Mine is up on a stainless rocket launcher—-I just installed a new dome up there—-major PITA drilling stainless and feeding signal cables through small stainless tubes but I got her done—-however.......Furuno’s new domes have a pig tail permanently attached to the dome for quick swapping etc. But the pig tail is long and stiff and you’re limited to a maximum amount of bend per manufacturer’s specification—-it also has a fairly large diameter plug that connects to the proper cable—-that makes it impossible to hide so I ended up just zip-tying to the rocket launcher.. You can see the pig tail in the picture

    Not what you’d call “clean” but you have to make due with the configuration you’ve got and I’m thinking drilling into your mount might be the cleanest option for your application——just make sure you prepare the hole afterwards, cover with a rubber clamshell, and paint with good quality enamel to minimize oxidation—-better yet, get the mount re-powercoated....good luck

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    8F4E4147-C0E2-4F91-903D-FEFD0468C91E.jpeg Thanks, I ended up chasing the original cable run a bit, cutting the roof some more hoping to find a more spacious cavity to work with. No luck. I just remounted mount and dome back in original and drilled new hole in front where in knew the roof was hollow.
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    New one
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    DEFFB6D7-2393-4EE5-9FE4-FEA996417A8F.jpeg Here’s the photo

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