radar mount need ideas

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    888EBDB7-9CEE-4D9E-A380-A0B24D444644.jpeg FF65466D-20A1-4CC2-931A-2D532E6F7CD8.jpeg Hey guys anyone have any ideas on running a new radar cable to this mount. Thinking I’m at the point of just having to drill a new hole out in front of the mount. Here’s a picture of the old cable under the mount. Had to cut it. I’ve now even cut out a couple more inches in the direction of the cable but stil can’t free it up. The cavity is very small to begin with and the original install used 520o th fill the cavity, or the had the roof off at factory and installed the cable. Thinking I may have to drill new hole to lookers left of anchor light and run cable along roof top to back off radar mount. Any ideas?

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