Radar Arch and Mod's

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Fish Assassin, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Well shall I do it? Sure looks like to was made for my machine.

  2. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Active Member

    question is, do you need it? It looks cool, but does it offer any actual usability improvement? Might be an expensive rod holder?
  3. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    pretty fancy.. if nothing else you could put rod holders n a net holder on it.. a radar might be a little much though.. Looks good on there I'd do it! duh... I see the rod holders now...:p
  4. Finished Business

    Finished Business Well-Known Member

    I'd do it. Trap storage on the roof. Rod Holders. Gaf, pliers knife storage. Net Holder. Great please to mount docking/deck lights....these are a few options available with a rack like that.

    Need something to grab onto in rough water or while going WOT? No shortage of grab bars there.

    Can you get a more useable improvement out of a few mounting screws and some metal? Probably Not. Sweet boat FA.
  5. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    That rack was bought for $150....... It was thought to of fit another members boat but when it didn't I put it for sale on here not thinking about my own boat and if it would fit. Now the my boat is not only going into the hospital cause of motor problems its now going into another hospital to have a 22 inch extension put on...NOT A POD a complete extension.

    I'll be the guy at the ramp looking to hitch a ride for the little while..... :(

  6. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    whoa...getting an extension are ya...wow sounds costly... upgrading power too?
  7. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    New power will come when the $$$$$ is in the bank or the old 90 blows.... I need to do the extension for that reason. As in the future if want to toss on say an extra 100 pounds of black power I will be able to... :)
  8. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    Nice.. Going to the darkside are ya.. How long for the fab job?

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  9. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Got a quote of $3000... Was to start Wedneday. Just got told 2 weeks for a start date :( going to talk to another boat builder as that just kills me.......
  10. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    send the arch in too, get them to chop off the bars facing forward and it would look a lot better.IMO. how long is your boat now?
  11. Phil my boat

    Phil my boat Active Member

    That explains why I have not seen you out on the water last week. Hope all goes well. I am sure it will turn out great. The arch is a nice touch. Plenty of uses for it.
  12. ComfortZone

    ComfortZone Member

    the arc looks good, and IMO will add function...curious about the hull extension,

    will you be building off the existing transom or making a cut forward of the transom and filling it in??

    who is doing the work?

    wondering because I am thinking of a hull extension in the future, (when it is time for re-power)...I would be going 40-48 inches, cut forward of the transom...add another 50g fuel tank, and im tuna capable!
  13. Finished Business

    Finished Business Well-Known Member

    Sooo.....Chubby becomes "The Stiffy"?

    Talk to Pawel @ Streamline Boats....if you can get through the accent, he know his stuff.
    He was doing a pretty impressive hull extension on a 24' when he built my pod.

    Post a few build pics FA!
  14. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Well it was going to be done at Wolfe Boats as I couldn't fathom the price I got from Silver Streak. Being Wolfe has a 2 week delay now and I am ready to go I am talking with another fellow. Waiting on a call.....

    A few years ago I had my engine well removed and had a slide in wall put in it place.....Which left me as I sit today....


    I want these gone and go to a flush/flat transom going out onto a swim platform. With a pipe ladder and my two motors.

  15. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    The same lines will be followed as when the boat was built. It's going to be a extension of the actual boat.

    I just want it done now.... And have been told its a full two days to make it happen. Fingers crossed
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  16. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    That aluminum kicker bracket will be coming off if anyone needs one.
  17. ComfortZone

    ComfortZone Member

    wont happen anytime soon, we will see what direction life takes me first lol...plenty of hours left in the yami...

    FA, good call on hull ext over a pod...keep the pics coming. with that arc ant the extension, you will have a whole new ride! cool stuff
  18. bigbruce

    bigbruce Crew Member

    Holy crap, Owen - go big or go home, eh? If we get a decent day next week, maybe we can get out in my boat. I'll give you a call.
  19. Reel Gone

    Reel Gone Member

    I'm with Jeffy, if your not going to put a radar on the arch, gas the front bars and it will look better. I like the idea of the hull extension, will make a great boat even better! Good luck to ya!
  20. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    I kind of like the front bar :) if I mount the arch I will no longer be able to slide my boat into my carport when its going to snow. That bar will make it easy to attach a sheet of plywood in the winter months. Plus if I ever what to haul anything up there it will make life simple.

    And I can put a queen sized mattress up there on those over night trips LOL :cool:

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