Race for the Blue- 25K First Prize

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    Race for the Blue

    Tofino’s $25,000 Winner-Take-All Tuna Derby

    The best of Tofino lies well beyond the end of the road, because that’s where you find the real fish. The West Coast’s legendary tuna derby returns September 8-15th, taking fishermen offshore where the real adventure happens. when the land gets small and the fish get big. Get on board.

    ·$25,000 Winner Takes All Purse

    ·Daily prizes for biggest fish

    ·Tuna Tuesday - #CookYourCatch Night at 1909 Kitchen

    ·Thirsty Thursday - Tofino Brew Co. Brewery Tour and Beer Night

    ·Race for the Blue Blow-Out Party at Tofino Resort + Marina

    ·$1500 entry (per boat)

    Find out more at tofinoresortandmarina.com/race-for-the-blue-tuna-shoot-out

    Call 778.841.0186

    Email marina@tofinoresortandmarina.com
  2. Derby

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  3. Drink

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    Awesome Deryk and Al, congrats. Al is ready for the big screen. LOL
  4. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    Yes .. yes he is.. haahaha :)
  5. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    special thanks to Mike And Myles ......
  6. The Jackel

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    Good video Derby, Al isn't getting any better looking as he gets older, just a little more grey hair :D
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  7. fish brain

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    . If I had the boat for it, I would enter, but unfortunately I do not. If anyone is looking for crew, I am up for the challenge. Obviously I am prepared to pay my way, I doubt that needs to be said, but just in case.
  8. Rain City

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    I need to do this. Is 750L of fuel and a 25 mile and hour cruise speed doable? Could sleep 4 with a weeks worth of supplies no problem.
  9. charlie415

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    30% out 30% back and 30% for S%^t happens. Following that rule you should be good for 100 statute miles. But rules are made to be stretched. LOL. Assuming you are burning about 57 liters an hour.
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  10. Rain City

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    Sweet thanks. Does anyone on here enter? I'd love some more info. Wondering about how much guys "help" each other out with coordinates and whatnot. I'd be going out blind with three other rookies.
  11. Derby

    Derby Crew Member

    Shoot me a pm...
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