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    If you guys look across the light blue bar that says "Home" then "Forums" etc (not the very top tabs at the top of the page).....depending on where you are in the forum on the far right there is a little blue arrow pointing diagonally up to the right.

    This is the quick navigation shortcut which takes you to a menu to reduce your clicks of moving around the forum. For example if in the Media Gallery....just click to open up the menu and you can go straight into the Saltwater Reports if you wanted to. Pretty much a quick access menu to everywhere in the forum from anywhere.

    Thought it was kind of a handy feature.

    You'll see on the screen shot below....it is kind of just below the "Alerts" and "Search" bar on the far right of the screen. Click on it then you get the menu you'll see further down.

    @Test Pilot If you can ADD to that menu from the back end a short cut to "New Posts" would be a great added option.

    Quick Navigation.jpg

    Quick Nav - Menu.jpg
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