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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Red Monster, Jul 19, 2020.

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    I'm soon heading to Quesnel Lake for a week and would appreciate any help you could provide about how to fish the lake. I'll have my 20 foot boat and riggers. I assume I can troll. Gear? I'm a complete rookie at lake fishing. What do I use for lures and how do I fish them? Thanks
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  3. jim morrow

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    personally the Apex 4.5 caught both Lakers and rainbows. Green, blue, glow white, black n pearl, seem good. Lakers like a dodger and spoon.
    It is such a big lake, depends where you stay, then find some fish close by.
    Standard rig for rainbows would be a big gang troll and a Tee spoon about 2-4' behind.
    3" Tomic plugs and 3.0 Apex are popular.
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    Where are you staying ? We use 4.5'' Apex's for Lakers. Silver/black , silver/blue,watermelon, firetiger lots of colors work there.
    Water was super high but heard its dropping.
    Downrigger 60-200' .
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