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    2 of us were at the Elysia resort for 4 nights. Rented one boat for 3 days. used it for 3.5 days.
    No riggers or sounder.
    the water level in the Horsefly River was very high, and flowing over the road in the park.
    The lake level was right up to the walking wharf, and lapping over top. wharf float hardware was being damaged by winds, breaking connecting/pivot pins. wharf boards were coming loose and floating away. beach was flooded and firewood was drifting away.
    we used a surface spinner and bucktail and 2 dipsy divers down to 25 to 30 feet.
    We got some advice from a guide that the bows were on the surface, and did not need the dipsy divers. also a location from him. We could not get bites where he suggested.
    Well the bites started off slowly, the first day and a half was slow. Then some laker bites, some lost fish, and returned to the dock with a small laker.
    Sunday had a better bite, with lakers biting first, 3 to the boat, then the rainbows.
    then Monday a better bite, Rainbows especially, and we kept 2, let 4 go. some were 54 or 55 cms. and lost some fish! they like to hit hard and fast!
    We could have froze the fish there at the resort but chose to refridgerate and lay on ice in the cooler for the return trip, which was a 6.5 hour drive.
    the lures that worked well were a few.
    Apexs; 4.5 model, glow clouds/dots, green/yellow, blue pearl.
    Spoons; coyote 5" green live image, Gypsy 3.5 copy with green backside/pale blue, another coyote 4" pale blue.
    Spinner and bucktail; #4 hammer brass with a dark green/ orange/ UV white bucktail. ended using it on a dipsy as surface was slow.
    plugs; tried a couple 3" tomics, and a yellow/ green stripe was good.
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