Pursuing Orca's too closely

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  1. This boat was witnessed from Fanny Bay pursuing the Orcas at high speeds then following them all along the shoreline way too closely. Has been reported to the DFO as there is a clear photo with their registration number. These are the kind of people who ruin it for all of us!

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  2. Pastafarian

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    Yup! That person sucks!!
    Hopefully he gets a good fine.
  3. JuBy

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    There is a dfo whale unit established in Victoria, I would call the office there and ask for one of the members to pass along the information to.
  4. SalishSlayer

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    The new Rat society!
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  5. Reelin In The Years

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    The thread I read before this one was about stolen prawn traps. Now this thread. Seems like there is more and more stupidity on the water these days. Hard not to be cynical and pi$$ed off with all the things that seem to be going on these days. Common sense seems to be like Elvis and has left the building.
    Sorry for rant.
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  6. searun

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    Hardly staying back 400m, and yes should be reported. In most cases DFO will speak with the operator to assess and take a public education approach. Vessel physical and acoustic disturbances are attributed to decreased forage activity. My take on this situation is the operator is simply unaware of the impact of their actions. Having a C&P Officer contact them might do a world of good in helping change their on-water actions....and their buddies when word spreads.
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  7. sasqman

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    Agree 100%. Reporting will at least give a chance of proper education. Not reporting doesnt raise any type of awareness.
  8. So you don't think that the numerous residents that witnessed this shouldn't have called the DFO to report them? These guys pushed these Orcas up against the shoreline and pursued them for miles along beside them.
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    ..maybe that was you?
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