Prospect Lake report

Discussion in '2017 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by mbowers, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. mbowers

    mbowers Active Member

    Windy and water was dirty at a temp of 49F. Fished from 930 to 1230 to go k4/5 on rainbows with intermediate line and a #10 burgundy Carey taking 4 of those close to ramp. Almost nothing on sounder. About 7 boats out.
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  2. habberdasher

    habberdasher Member

    Happy spring I just emptied a winters worth of junk out of the lake boat and plan to go to Elk or Prospect soon any reports?
    Thanks Tom
  3. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Active Member

    Elk Lake has been very good the last couple weekends. We use gangtroll and a worm.
  4. habberdasher

    habberdasher Member

    Thanks tinboat I always enjoy your saltwater posts Will give elk a go I usually drag a fly but it’s been so long since I’ve landed any kind of fish I will give worms a try. Do little plugs work in elk I bought some for Cowichan lake and haven’t tried them much?
    Tight Lines Tom
  5. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    This is salt water forum
    need to move the thread....
  6. habberdasher

    habberdasher Member

    ??? Hi Scott pretty sure this is on the fresh water forum am I Wrong??”

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