Pressure for fish passage at Maple Ridge dam mounts

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    Funding has never been the issue, bc hydro just needs to approve. They may also need to manage their water differently. It’s well over do that a fish passage get built.
  3. Whitebuck

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    Would be cool to see, but this creek has way bigger issues that money can be spent on!!!
  4. bones

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    Why dont they just carry them over like coquitlam, capilano and the seymour?
    Seems to work there.
  5. wildmanyeah

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    It's been tried someone unsuccessfully.

    "Currently, the sockeye, usually about 100 or so, that return to spawn are trapped at the base of the dam, then carried by truck across the dam and released into the lake."

    "During the week of August 13, 2007, sockeye were found in the holding pens at the Allco Fish Hatchery. Approximately 18 mortalities of sockeye were found later that day by BC Hydro employees at the base of the dam, the sockeye having tried unsuccessfully to reach the reservoir through the low level outlet flow. It is thought that the sockeye were simply jumping over the Allco Fish fence, intent on making their way home. BC Hydro has made a temporary shield over the low level outlet pipe in order to avoid any further mortalities and the fish fence has been modified at Allco to deter any sockeye from jumping over the fence."

     Continue monitoring Alouette Sockeye adult returns to determine total returns to the reservoir.
     To ensure the beginning of the Sockeye run is captured, begin operation of the Allco fish fence from the middle of June and operate until late October.
     Continue the practice of releasing captured Sockeye to the reservoir on the same day and handle as little as possible.
     Ensure future scale samples are obtained from the correct location above the lateral line on the fish body, correctly placed in the sample vials, and not taken near scars.
     Continue with the biosampling protocol of fork length, scale, and tissue samples taken for all returning Sockeye
    .  Ensure the Allco hatchery trap remains otter-proofed to decrease losses due to predation in the trap itself.
     Due to some predator loss, an assessment of returning Sockeye downstream of the Allco fish fence should be implemented.
     Conduct the recommended hatchery-based experiment discussed above (see the Management Questions section) to help to answer the outstanding management question of whether Alouette Lake Kokanee smolts have successfully adapted to an anadromous existence by returning from the ocean environment to successfully spawn in Alouette Lake.
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  6. Whitebuck

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    Waste of on the real problems for the
    Coquitlam and alouette that kill these systems!!!
    Regulated flows, spawning habitat below the dam, protection from development on riparian zones.
    Wildmanyeah...with your vast experience on these flows what do you think is most important?
  7. wildmanyeah

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    Whitebuck im not gonna argue with you. For some reason you feel the need to counter argue everything I post and take personal shots when every possible.

    I lived in maple ridge the majority of my life, I swam at the hot rocks, I’ve fished the runs, I’ve cliff jumped at gold creek. I’ve participated in the various groups, I’ve pulled invasive weeds

    I merely posted what ARMS posted on their Facebook page. The stream keepers that walk this stream daily.

    Alouette river all in all is some of the best spawning habit in the urban lower mainland.

    Yes bc hydro floods salmon smolts onto people’s lawns, yes it has some farming runoff issues but over all it’s a pretty healthy run.

    If you don’t want to get behind these restoration project then don’t.
  8. Whitebuck

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    You think the runs are healthy here this year or this fall?
    Please stop posting about stuff you have no idea about.
    spawning habitat means nothing if it gets blown out on the regular...
    When almost all the smolts get washed up on the beach every few weeks not hard to figure out why returns have been shit for steel and coho last few years.
    But swam hot rocks so you know!!
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  9. wildmanyeah

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    I said the habitats is healthy not the returns.

    Chums running strong
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  10. Whitebuck

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    PM sent. Anytime
    Chum return this fall.was worst i have seen in 20yrs. Anymore fake news?
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  11. wildmanyeah

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    These problems have been going on for 30 years how are the last 2 years relevant?
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  12. Whitebuck

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    Not going to argue w someone who gets his info with what he reads off a computer. Stick to the clueless on FWR..
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