Pressure Canning - Why are there duds?

Discussion in 'Recipes, Storage and Preparation of Seafood' started by Rain City, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    I'm losing two or three per batch. I do 24 small jars in a 18 quart canner. Very diligent about cleanliness and timing. No consistent "row" losing jars.

    Over tighening?
    Under tightening?
    Over filling?
    Under filling?
    Dirty lid?
    Too many jars?
  2. Gong Show

    Gong Show Well-Known Member

    Dude, it's the universe telling you to eat those ones right now.
    Don't disappoint the universe.
  3. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Well that's the usual end result. Only last night I passed out after finishing the first batch and left it all on the counter. Woke up to 3 wasted jars. Wife got mad. Doing 10 sockeye from superstore.
    She was that Chinese lady buying up all the fish on sale.
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  4. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Yup that's it. Three batches, three duds in each batch. I can't figure it out.
  5. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    I always buy new disks, boil on high, use tongs to put them on, then tight, very tight. Rarely loose any.
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  6. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    So why does every recipe say not to boil them and to not overtighten? Starting to sound like DFO regs here.
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  7. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    As Steve says always new lids...and make sure that your rim has been cleaned well ;) You know what i'm talking about.
    And leave the proper head space, that is key...when it is processing, there is lots of activity in the jar and it needs the room at the top.
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  8. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    As stated always start with new snap lids, even at that boil the lids in water vinegar and leave them in the hot water only taking them out as you put them on, this will require a set of tongs. Keep a the pot with hot water and vinegar mixer and lids next to the jars. After the jars are filled and as you put the snap lids on wipe each jar rim with the hot water vinegar mixer this will remove any oils from the jar rim and ensure a tight seal. Do not fully tighten the lids until after they have cooled and sealed just prior to storage.

    Good luck.
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  9. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Thanks guys. I checked the duds and what I've determined (I hope) is that the lids just weren't centered very well. I was doing 6 cases of jars at once and I kind of just tossed the lids on there willy nilly. Figured the rings would center them better. Next time I'll make sure the lids are perfectly centered. Still weird that it was exactly 3 per batch of 24.
  10. Gong Show

    Gong Show Well-Known Member

    At least you are consistent.
    And by that I mean you deliver a good story on every thread!
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  11. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    I do it for the people. To be honest when @Stizzla showed up it really took the pressure off ;)
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  12. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    Dirty lids and dirty rims.

    after I fill the jars, I clean the rims with paper town soaked in vinegar.

    not to say im perfect last 30 jars i did I had one jar crack and one not seal!
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  13. sasqman

    sasqman Crew Member

    When we do our pickles we always have the jars rim side down, on cookie sheet with water in the oven at 300. Lids are always in a pot at a constant boil. Usually have a 99%ish success
  14. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    Awww. When I saw I was mentioned in a threads with the word “dud” in it I was sure you were going to be trash talking me.
    Maybe you’re a becoming a nice guy after all!
  15. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    A dude named “Get bent” taking about “cleaning your rim” and “proper head”?! This thread is nasty
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  16. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    I make freezer jam and this is what I've found luckily it makes no difference since it's just frozen jam but I have seen some messes I created because of fatigue and inattention (working late at night).
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  17. jim morrow

    jim morrow Active Member

    i hope you are using a pressure cooker and not a hot water bath.
    they cooked so put the poorly sealed ones in the fridge right away, and any others the lid is not sunken down, and they will be edible or the lid will further depress and seal.
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  18. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Yes of course.
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  19. browningmirage

    browningmirage Active Member

    I was loosing a similar amount each round. Started snuggling the lids pretty tight...dont lose any because of the seal now.

    Lose some because of cracking...but that's just me trusting weak jars too much.
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  20. Ian wagner

    Ian wagner Active Member

    Small chips on jar edge and bad jars some are not level just threw one out today that was sealed two years and the lid let loose the jar was off level
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