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  1. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    40 Amp fuse and no more than 15' of 10 gauge wire.
  2. Alright. I actually have used the prawnstar Koa for a few trips now.

    It PULLS

    It's not their hands free model, so it doesnt compare to the ace with bulldog, but it does not dog at all. There is no slowing this thing down...not even a little bit.

    From what I can tell, it pulls at a similar rate to the Ace.

    The switches and hardware are designed tough (although a nut on the switch vibrated loose). The switch on the Ace is a bit of a laugh in comparison.

    The cons:

    Its noisier than the ace. A lot noisier. You can carry on a conversation with both, but you really know when the prawnstar puller is running. But the motor is powerful. I need to say it again, the torque is insane.

    It's a bit bulkier. The ace motor is mounted vertically allowing storage. The Prawnstar pullers have the motor mounted horizontally. It's a more stable configuration(less gearing), but it's more bulky.

    It's a good setup. Based on what I've seen so far, I'd certainly recommend it. Especially where there are big currents and heavy traps are needed.
  3. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    Too bad ACE doesn't sell a faster and more powerful motor. I have the latest max torque motor and even with only 2 prawn traps on a string, it can struggle if it's in heavy currents or when it initially pulls the traps horizontally for a bit until it gets them vertical and off the ground.
  4. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    if you have the wider motor, that hauler should do it no problem. I would re-wire and get a bigger fuse.
  5. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    Wires are 10 gauge with a short run to the switch so that shouldn't be the problem. 40amo fuse and has never blown so that's not the issue either. It's their latest model of the max torque version and only 2 years old so nothing wrong with the unit. Just saying if they offered a larger motor with more HP lots would buy. But I assume a larger motor with larger HP may put too much stress on the scotty base plates and could potentially damage the surface it's mounted to unless it was on an aluminum boat.
  6. spring time

    spring time Well-Known Member

    I would like just more power don’t really care about speed. I got the plus 40 and pulling two traps plus 10 of weight it trips the circuit breaker, and yes it’s 10 gauge and about a 7 foot run
  7. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    What size fuse you have on it? I have a 40amp fuse and have never had it go off.
  8. 32Knots

    32Knots New Member

    Back troll onto your lines until you are over the traps. The puller is trying to pull your traps up and pull your heavy boat to your traps against wind and waves. It's not meant for that. This will save you wear on the motor and fuses.

    I've used a max brutus in heavy winds and currents. Just have to maneuver right. 40amp is essential. I swap fuses from 30 to 40 when I pull out my puller.
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  9. spring time

    spring time Well-Known Member

    I do have a 40 amp, and I jog up on the rope till I know it’s off the bottom and it still trips
  10. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Somethings wrong there. My boat is 16000lbs and my traps are over 50lbs a set (empty) and even pulling in opposite directions it doesn't trip.
  11. spring time

    spring time Well-Known Member

    Maybe but talk to the guy at the boat show from ace a couple of years ago and he have and answer. Mine is a 18 ft trophy doesn’t weigh that much
  12. 32Knots

    32Knots New Member

    What gauge wire?
    Where is your fuse?
    Is your fuse wiring the same gauge as your wire to the plug?
    Connections any corrosion? Properly crimped?
    Batteries good?

    After all that send to ace he can swap the motor.

    Etc etc. Shouldn't be tripping. Always try and pull straight up. The traps can be like a sail in the current. Also having the prawn trap connections offset I've found helps so the pull up on a 45 degree angle instead of flat when they are centered.
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  13. After pulling in the same area with both, I can say the prawnstar was more torque.

    I really like the ace, it's a great puller. I switched out the fuses and it's a very short run with big wire. But you can tell when it picks up the traps.

    My experience is with the hands free ace and the hands required Koa. Given the two I'd go with the ace because it just coils the line so nicely.

    But I suspect the hands free prawnstar may change my mind. Although it is noisy.
  14. 32Knots

    32Knots New Member

    Trick with the ace. Use your hand to add a little pressure on the hands free coiler handle. Coils better and pulls better no slippage. Doesn't take much.
  15. Mozart

    Mozart Member

    I’ve used ace hauler before but it’s slow and when retrieving against current it’s really slow.
    After extensive research and I ended up using Electra-dyne hauler (not cheap but worth it)
    Can pull 2 traps on same string with 12lb weights in each trap from 250’ against current in about a minute.


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  16. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    What do they sell for? Also assume wiht the higher HP motor compared to the Ace it also draws higher amps and drains battery faster correct?
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  17. miglenda

    miglenda Member

    Hi...I have owned an ACE crab puller, and to me, they're 'just' OK if you just crab once in awhile... I purchased an E-Z Puller 6 years ago, and it is nothing but 'great'... The fellow is out of Washington, and he builds commercial, and recreation pullers.
    His pullers are built extremely well; 'very' fast!'... 1.9 hp 601 express motor 135 to 140 feet per minute, 150 lb.

    With the 'hands free' option of $80.00, there is no need to even touch the rope...I've never had too, but the only maintenance that one could do on the motor would be to replace the brushes...They're not cheap, but if you are a serious crabber, and would like a 'real' crab puller, then I would strongly suggest an E-Z puller....Have a look around his site, including customers testimonials.
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  18. charlie415

    charlie415 Well-Known Member

    It is all relevant to the work being done. Higher current but shorter run time. The effort to get the traps out of the water is the same.
  19. Mozart

    Mozart Member

    I got it for $1400 8 years ago. I use 70 amp breaker and two batteries connected in parallel. At days end both batteries still has 85% charge left.
  20. the butcher

    the butcher Active Member

    Not a bad price at all. Did that include the davit? Their website indicates the davit is 500USD on its own.

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