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  1. Hey Guys,

    I have a possible rotten transom on a 2006 23 foot trophy I'm not sure if rotten or not when i push on engine the transom flexes and when driving there is minimal flexing. There is a small crack in the transom could be from trailering on rough roads to the island and weakening from that or could be the rotten hull weakening. Does anyone have some contacts that would be able to help me deal with this situation that are trust worthy and give me an honest opinion.

  2. goddan

    goddan Member

    Hi, where are you located?
  3. boat is located at miltown marina
  4. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    A surveyor would tap with a metal hammer to detect rot - it sounds dull. A fg repair shop should be able to do the same.
    If this is a Bayliner I/O likelyhood of rot is high - read the thread about doing your own survey; it talks about lack of proper sealing of the plywood where the hole for the I/O is.
    If this is the case, the real issue becomes implications. It will spread to other wood components. Try to find someone who is familiar with the construction of your particular boat; perhaps the only wood is in the transom.

    Did you have a survey done when purchased, & how long ago was that?

    FYI every boat will eventually develop an issue that does not make economic sense to fix (my opinion of course). I was once going to buy a 30ft Carver for around $22K but somebody beat me to it. The survey found $18K in stringer rot. Fix the rot & it's still a $22K boat.
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  5. profisher

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    Tap with a small brass hammer or they make a small double sided hard rubber mallet... tap with that...sharp crisp sounds means no rot...tap all areas of the transom...could be no rot, or isolated to a specific area like around bolt holes or completely rotten.
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  6. Goathorns

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    trailering in itself destroys the transom, thus the crack. How big is that outboard? Your transom should not flex. You could try Fraser Fiberglass in North Van. there is also a shipwright business in the Thunderbird marina complex.
  7. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    If the transom has rot, there is a high likelihood the stringers will also be bad.
    It's a big job that you don't want to pay for.
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  8. uclueletcharters

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    It can be just the transom they will be able to tell when the transom wood is removed and ends of stringers are exposed. Get a few quotes for sure. You need to find a good back yard guy looking to make a couple extra bucks for the holidays to keep the cost down.
  9. The Engine on the boat is a 250 Merc. Thx for the help guys if anyone knows someone or of someone would be greatly appreciated.
  10. uclueletcharters

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    You on the mainland? I had my transom redone it was an ace job can't even tell where the well was cut out, the colour match was spot on and it was around 3K I believe. Was done on the island, pro glasser doing a side line job for holiday money :)
  11. chromatose007

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    Rubber mallet will tell the tale. Ping=Solid. Thud=Punky
    Practice on other boats (light tapping will not do any damage) to get a feel for it. Good luck ;)
  12. Bait&Sea

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    I just had mine redone, mine had flex because the inside reinforced area where the outboard bolts was a little under glassed to the actual transom from the factory and it broke loose on the bottom end years ago when I hit a log and gradually got worse. I dealt with Dan the Boatman in abbotsford and couldn't be happier as he was honest and didn't open up the whole rear end of my boat unnecessarily. If you can pull anything providing access to the problem area yourself you will save his hourly rate for the actual work you cant do and save some money. (I pulled my tank, bilge pumps, ect and cleaned the area well so he could actually see what was there). He was done on budget and ahead of schedule for me. Good luck http://www.dantheboatman.ca/

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