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    Thought it might be interesting to show how much the Commercial fleet is concerned about MPA’s.

    Do not see anything like this in the Sportsfishing sector.

    You might want to!


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    Too small to read. Can you make it full size in the thread?
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    Liberals vow to protect 25% of Canada’s ocean waters and land by 2025
    "The Liberals committed in their first mandate to protect 17 per cent of land and 10 per cent of marine areas by 2020. As of the end of 2018, Environment Canada was reporting 11.2 per cent of land and 7.9 per cent of marine areas had been protected."
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    Yikes - The bigger problem will be if they protect all the major fishing areas. This could be the beginning of the end. Getting scared to book my next fishing lodge trip. I can tell you one thing for sure - don't buy a salmon fishing lodge. Do you have a map of all the areas proposed to become MPA's?
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    This link will get you to where you are able to download seasketch, then take a closer look. The future proposed areas of interest in South Coast are not yet listed. Please also note that while some areas may be listed as "A" or Acceptable for rec use, that doesn't mean they will be open. All must first ensure they meet with FN's approval or do not impede FN's access etc. All is a shade of grey....non-committal.
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    Thanks for the link searun. I don’t see where to download seasketch but do see the .pdf downloads for various regions. Useful information, thanks. I also note that DFO does not appear as a partner in the MAPP?
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    You get who you vote for. Sunnyways =MPA's. The liberals and the steamrolling process keeps trucking along.

    Wait till they roll out South Island. That map of north is frightening.
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    Very interesting the purple proposed areas wording. One just jumped out at me right away.

    Includes important areas for gray, humpback and northern resident killer whales and herring. Includes important habitat for seabirds that breed in adjacent conservation and protection areas
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    The only good thing that could come about is .........if the liberals promise of Ocean and Land protection are tied together and ............the Feds and Province of BC got together on meaningful dual protection. Protecting one without the other will simply not be as effective, especially in southern coastal areas. We're talking protecting shoreline areas like estuaries, streamside habitat, and riverside habitat areas from disturbance, pollution and degradation. When it comes to salmon species the Province of BC should have jurisdiction both on ocean and on land. But they would have to get it right. BC's record to date is wanting ....good luck with that idea. Perhaps if we did get it right the salmon numbers and size would come back. Perhaps then we could have our cake and eat it too.
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  14. SpringVelocity

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    So I turned off other layers look at Hardy.... Yikes.

    Cape Caution PMZ-3

    Protection Management Zone

    Area: 62,138.8 Ha / 621.39 km2

    Area Description

    Marine species and habitats including those of cultural importance to First Nations. Connects existing conservation and protection areas and provides network/corridor between the Central Coast and NVI marine plans to assist in conservation and protection of habitat and seasonal runs and activities of species with cultural and economic value. Includes important areas for gray, humpback and northern resident killer whales and herring. Includes important habitat for seabirds that breed in adjacent conservation and protection areas.

    Nigei Island PMZ-4

    Protection Management Zone

    Area: 7,332.45 Ha / 73.33 km2

    Area Description

    A diverse marine ecosystem, with important marine species and habitat. Important recreation and tourism area which includes several scuba diving sites. Includes important areas for humpback and and northern resident killer whales, herring and sea otters. Connects existing conservation and protection areas.

    North Malcom PMZ-1

    Protection Management Zone

    Area: 3,623.8 Ha / 36.24 km2

    Area Description

    Important habitat and species, in particular a significant and unique glass sponge reef formation, which includes a complex ecosystem, enabling a species-rich marine environment that supports the local biodiversity of the area. Contains critical habitat for northern resident killer whales. Habitat for pelagic and nearshore birds adjacent to their colonies.

    Here is the map showing protection management zone areas.... Now that gets more interesting each one has number cape caution area is PMZ3.

    3Marine Use/ActivityRecommendationBottom Aquaculture (Sites) Shellfish, Other Invertebrates, Marine PlantsCOff-Bottom Aquaculture (Sites) Shellfish, other Invertebrates, Marine PlantsCOff-Bottom Aquaculture (Sites) Finfish CRenewable Energy GenerationCForestry OperationsCMining OperationsNCommercial and Recreational AnchorageCLevel 1 Docks, Wharves and FacilitiesCLevel 2 Docks, Wharves and FacilitiesNFloat HomesNFloating LodgesNCommercial Recreation and TourismAPublic

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    Here is another neat one. Look at the area right next to label on Queen Charlotte sound. Big area offshore. It is defined as:

    PMZ 28

    Protection Management Zone


    Area 44,884.54 Ha

    Area Description

    This PMZ, located in Queen Charlotte Sound, contains important halibut rearing grounds and supports abundant crab stocks. It is an important area for local First Nations for the Traditional harvest of Marine Resources.

    Take a look at the last comments in table.


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    Couldn’t even fish castle rock under the cape caution one. Pretty insane. Although some seem to have conditions to allow rec fishing. C8 for example but I don’t know how to see those details for the caution or Nigei one.
  17. wildmanyeah

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    MPA don't allow rec fishing, The whole point of an MPA is to keep humans out

    This document just highlights areas of importance of areas where MPA's could end up.
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    Are these possibilities ones they’re looking at or is this a government site ? Just wondering about reliability. And as you’ll see from above SV post. There is C8 under rec tourism and commercial tourism for the one area. Which if you look up essentially says conditional but not around ceremonial places bla bla
  19. wildmanyeah

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    I don't think we know formally where any MPA's are going to end up.
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    Nevermind, looked on my computer and the recommendation for caution one is to have recreational and commercial tourism open for the area.... have to look at it on a computer, then scroll down to RUA table. But that doesn't guarantee anything, just the panels recommendation.

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