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  1. Busterbrown

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    He must be a hell of a fisherman !!!
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  2. Capt_Ed

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    That's what he tells me :rolleyes:
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  3. CBsqrd

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    Pulled into PM this afternoon. Fish Crarcoft from 10 to 2 pm after running up Johnstone from Blind Channel. Hit one in the first 5 minutes that spit the hook just as it hit the surface. 10 minutes later a nice wild coho released beside the boat. Picked up an 11 lb spring about an hour later and that was it for us.

    Saw a few nets out and one guy fishing solo battling something for well over an hour. He had a few boats helping him by the end. Maybe a foul hooked maybe? I saw it hit and it came up to the boat pretty quick at first before it took off - hopefully he landed a monster!

    BBC Blue Planet of marine life today - dolphins, porpoises, humpbacks and orcas along with a group of sea lions that rolled through and tore into a few fish on the surface.

    Going to explore and try closer to PM tomorrow.
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  4. CBsqrd

    CBsqrd Active Member

    Well, decided this morning to give Cracroft another go to start the day. Definitely quieter, but picked up a spring (13 lb) and a feisty pink by 11 am then headed up the backside of Malcom. Fished Donegal for about an hour and saw nothing happening so moved up to Malcolm Pt. Had one shakersnd called it a day right at 3 pm when the wind came up.

    All action for us the last two days has been on anchovies between 90 and 145 ft.
  5. ruffie

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Sorry for the late report
    Fished out of telegraph cove resort for 4 yr in a row from July 24 to 31
    Weather was excellent and fishing was good
    Springs were hard to find with biggest at 17# all springs caught deep at 91 ft
    Coho were plentiful and big , lots of wild and we only found 1 hatch
    Pinks arrived mid week and were everywhere
    As pinks showed up so did the orcas. We unfortunately had a orca encounter I never wat to repeat. Orca latch onto a coho way to close to the boat. Got poor fish in but pretty scary. All happened very fast.
    From here moved onto Alberni inlet. Once again a great experience at the Telegraph Cove Resort and campground.

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  6. Redfisher

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    Looking for any local knowledge on when the coho move up into Knights Inlet. Friend travelling down coast is thinking of timing his trip around going up Knights if coho are there. Are there fishable runs of coho still up there and if so when do they start to arrive in any number? thanks
  7. Busterbrown

    Busterbrown Active Member

    I would recommend heading up Fife Sound rather than Knights, coho are their now and will continue to build into Sept, first day of rain in a month here today, should get them moving. In front of Scott Cove at 50-80 feet has always been good to us
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  8. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    He wants to do the loop up to Minstrel and head out to Johnstone Straits so is looking at fishing opportunities along the way.
  9. tidal shot

    tidal shot Active Member

    Well returned from a disappointing Port Hardy trip to the Cove a couple days ago. Finished up with a good three day haul, first day back landed 3 springs 22, 26, 15 and lost two on double headers. Following day the wife smashed a 25lber and I followed up with a 23 and a 19! Last day we slept in and bottom fished and hammered a 50lb halibut and 20lber to finish the trip.

    Sad to leave this place!
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  10. bigbruce

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    Nice haul! Nice to meet you as well! Did you get the hali's after we talked? You moved across the Bay pretty quickly.
  11. tidal shot

    tidal shot Active Member

    We picked up the small one there and moved to the end of Swanson and picked up the big one.
  12. Capt_Ed

    Capt_Ed Active Member

    Well boats and campers have been leaving Telegraph cove for days now. Fishing has been less than stellar but if you worked at it there were fish everyday. I have been here since early July and overall it's been a great summer, good weather and OK fishing. This past Sunday was better than OK with 4 Springs coming to the boat by 8:05. I have a couple more weeks here and company coming for most of it. Hope the springs hang on for awhile yet.
  13. seahorse

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    Hi Capt_Ed, we're heading to Telegraph Cove this weekend for a wedding, thinking of bringing the boat but wondering how good fishing us at the moment, any news, thanks
  14. Capt_Ed

    Capt_Ed Active Member

    Seahorse, sorry for not getting back to you but we left telegraph on the 7th. Hope the wedding was fun and if you went fishing give us a report. Still a few being caught when we left but we took advantage of the nice weather to break camp after a 70 day stay. We'll be there next summer in our new permanent campsite

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