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Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by dougthefisher, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. dougthefisher

    dougthefisher Member

    Rumour is a couple of springs taken at Duval this week. weather is still crap but the odd guy is starting to sneak out.
  2. Scavenger

    Scavenger Member

    Any fresh reports regarding the north island telegraph cove to hardy?
  3. Scavenger

    Scavenger Member

    No help for the long weekend? I miss Sitka. Any news would be appreciated.
  4. happy hooker

    happy hooker Well-Known Member

    Any fresh reports from Hardy ?
  5. Sharphooks

    Sharphooks Well-Known Member

    It's been conspicuously quiet from the Hardy guys. I'm curious to know just from an oceanographic global weirding standpoint---I've seen and I've been reading about strange spring timings in other waters.

    Case in point: Bamfield in June for me has historically been as close to lights out spring fishing as I've ever seen. This year, not so much. Westport/Astoria in lower 48---pretty quiet for what is supposed to be a super highway of Columbia R. bound fish. And July is already breathing down our necks!

    And here I am in the Salish Sea: 3 trips out, 8 springs. About as good as it's ever been for me in early June. Quality fish, and on the large side. But one comment: they are swimming three times deeper in the water column then I've seen them in a decade of fishing this particular spot

    So, Port Hardy guys, how about sharing some fishing info if for no other reason then to help sketch out the picture of spring movements around Van Isle with all the strange weather patterns we've been seeing?
  6. Bone man

    Bone man Member

    Have to agree with you on this "hooks" I'd like to add that I haven't seen bait schools like this since the early 80's! Explains the impressive size of these early sprinters!!
  7. JAC

    JAC Well-Known Member

    I have heard that there is record high number of Chinook over the boniville dam this year and they are early. Maybe that's why the fishing is poor in bamfield right now and why the fishing is above average in the Salish sea.


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