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Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by happy hooker, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. happy hooker

    happy hooker Well-Known Member

    Getting geared up for my yearly week up at Scotia Bay at the beginning of July. Anything happening up there yet?
  2. happy hooker

    happy hooker Well-Known Member

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  3. zfish

    zfish Member

    Laffs, apparently no one fishes Port Hardy anymore; c'mon, someone give us a report! Planning a paddleing trip (this is what i say to my better half, but for me its a fishing trip) to gods pocket second week July, it'd be nice to know if the fish are in yet, and the hot spots.
  4. burnsy22

    burnsy22 Well-Known Member

    I heard fishing last week that people were doing pretty well, not many details, just hitting a lot of fish.
  5. dougthefisher

    dougthefisher Member

    we were out at duval this morning and there were a few around. saw serengetti charters come in late with 2 nice hali and 4 springs to 35. there are fish around. also there was a 50 out of mcneill last week.
  6. burnsy22

    burnsy22 Well-Known Member

    11 days until my 5 day trip out of telegraph cove. Getting pretty excited.
  7. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you mean a 50 pound halibut, not a 50 pound spring. The Telegraph cove area used to be renowned for producing big springs in the old days. I don't think the area has produced many 50, 60, 70 pounders like they used to very often any more. Nice to hear there are still some big ones around if it was a 50 pound spring, but kind of sad if they did bonk a spring that size in my opinion.
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  8. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    No there was a 50lb taken at McNeil saw the photo, and it was bonked.
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  9. Tugcapitan

    Tugcapitan Well-Known Member

    Fun little bite at Duval on the low slack this morning. Took our rescue boat out and fished deep sixes in fairly tight. One Chinook about 17lbs, One hatchery and one wild Coho, few shaker Chinooks and a few Cohos lost. All on a green white hootchie on one side and same coloured spoon on the other 50-70 pulls. Guessing 30 to 50 feet down. Saw other boats getting action too.
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  10. Nakoda boater

    Nakoda boater Member

    Fishing Port Hardy the last 3 days and has not been the greatest.
    Fished around Duval on the 1st day and caught one legal and one not legal.
    Day 2 we went up to Sital cape and blanked that day out.
    Day 3 by the Mastermans one barely legal, so far...
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    REIDNICOL Member

    Was thinking of going up to Port hardy Aug long any ideas where to stay????
    Much appreciated in advance
  12. BearCove

    BearCove Well-Known Member

    Give me a shout at 877-949-7939, should be able to help you out in accommodations and moorage if needed.


  13. tidal shot

    tidal shot Active Member

    Any reports? Striking out in McNeil, was thinking of heading north?
  14. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Super slow for salmon off of Hardy. People are happy with one salmon any kind right now per day and that applies to the typical inside spots as well as the north tip of the island. Guides go way up the mainland coast towards Rivers Inlet to scrape up a few teeners. Bottom fish is what keeps most anglers entertained right now.
  15. Nakoda boater

    Nakoda boater Member

    Wow, between July 7-13 coho were getting thick up there. Biggest fish were a 22lb chum and a 11lb coho and a couple small but legal springs in that mix.
  16. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    here was our groups biggee caught by chris73...gave us a drenched fairwell as we set her free...measured 170cm
  17. Nakoda boater

    Nakoda boater Member

    Good job!
    Landed a 119cm myself✊
  18. BigHog

    BigHog Member

    Heading up to Hardy on Sunday and then heading to Rivers for 4 or 5 days. Hope the fishing improves .....

    Reports would be great if there are any ...
  19. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    As chris73 pointed out, definitely a grind for salmon (just got back yesterday). We hit Duval, Gordons, Jeanette hard first couple days, spent a day at Cape Sutil, almost nothing to show for it....few coho, some big pinks, couple of springs - 1 nice near tyee at Jeanette...that was it and was discouraging for us, we decided to focus on bottom fish. Had to move around some to find them...our ling cod hole was pretty good...largest 30lb, halibut once we found good hole was great...the big one we released, 2 on the nose legal, 2 40's, couple others lost. Few others got nice ones 40-60lb as well in same area around Deserters.

    Word at the docks was commercials have been pounding the springs hard making it tough...guides are pushing to Cape Scott or well north mainland to find their fish, but heard a few reports of possible success at Duval early AM as well. Pinks showed up in better numbers as we were leaving so maybe its coming on now.
  20. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    boardwalk pinks are whoot .came to town and got ice and had to try the estuary of the quatse .
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