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    Jim has been great to work with, my guests and myself are looking forward to 3 weeks of westcoast fun stay at port eliza lodge.
    The countdown begins....
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    Port Eliza Lodge 2020 Crew Member Offers
    Visit Port Eliza Lodge in Esperanza Inlet for some of the best uncrowded fishing on the coast! We are a floating lodge located near the mouth of Esperanza Inlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island right on the fishing grounds. Eliminate the long run from Thasis, Zabellos or within Nootka sound. We offer affordable fully guided fishing adventures as well as BYOB packages for those with their own boat. We have fuel, bait and tackle for sale!

    We are pleased to offer Sport Fishing BC crew members the following super deals:

    1. May 1 - June 18th BYOB special: During this time, we offer Bring Your own Boat and Bring your own Food room rentals. You can use the Lodge BBQs, as well as the commercial kitchen facilities. You just rent a room(s) and enjoy some early season fishing. Rent one room for the regular $250 per night, includes moorage, get a 2nd room for only $50! Rooms hold up to 4 people.

    2. June 18 - August 3oth BYOB special: Receive 15% off any Bring your own boat package. Our BYOB packages for the peak summer season include moorage, all meals and soft drinks. Regular Price: $200 per night per person, Crew member price $170 Per night.

    3. June 18 - August 30th Guided Trip Special: Receive a 10% discount on any fully guided fishing adventure.

    4. August 31st - September 17: BYOB special: Receive 25% off any Bring your own boat package for Fall coho. Includes moorage, all meals and soft drinks. Regular Price $200 per person per night, Crew member price $150 Per person per night.

    5. August 31 - September 17th: BYOB special: Come up and fish for big Coho in Esperanza Inlet for 40% Off! Bring Your own Boat and Bring your own Food room rentals. Room rentals are only $150 per night, includes moorage.

    Contact Details


    Robert Goepel (Port Eliza Fishing) 949-456-3791


    Website www.portelizalodge.com

    Phone toll free 1-883-703-1634

    Please provide your Crew Member Name when booking.

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    With all that’s happening in the world my guests and I can’t wait for the good times to come at Port Eliza lodge in Esperanza in 2020.
    The owners are quality people and you will have a great experience booking and fishing in the area.
    Counting down the days.
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