Places to stay in the Gulf Islands that have a dock

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  1. saanauk

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    Hey looking to do a 6-7 day boat trip with two families. Looking for options of places to stay that have docks we can boat to. Was looking at Poets Cove but it may be booked up for the time frame we have. Used to go to Fulford but have heard the marina is not there anymore. We have two 24’ ish boats.

    Any other ideas? Does the Springwater Lodge still have a dock?

  2. rich

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    Browning Marina near poets cove, Otter bay marina North Pender, Salt Spring marina on Salt Spring island, Silva bay on gabriola island, Montague harbour on Galliano island.There are many others , you can also get a free book on all the marina's and amenities at each place it's a free blue book just can't remember the name of the book usually most marine stores or marina's carry it.
  3. Pick up a copy of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. It covers from the south Puget Sound to Ketchican Alaska. It will list all the places to stay in the Gulf Islands, what amenities they have, what there is to do there, etc. They can be ordered at Amazon or most marine stores will have them. Make sure to get the 2019 edition so you will have the latest information.
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  4. dmurph

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    Pages beside silvabay is a good one, I kinda prefer it as the washrooms stay open all night. Silvabay they lock up around 930. A night right in Nanaimo can be pretty good to, a little expensive but it’s pretty good for walking the water front as it’s actually quite nice and then you have to option to hit a restaurant or grab an ice cream. Also the dingy dock and Newcastle are right there. Lots of options in that area and close to some good fishing
  5. saanauk

    saanauk Active Member

    Guess I forgot to clarify that we are looking for places that have rooms or rooms near by a dock. Our boats are to small for everyone to sleep on.
  6. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Pages has cabins, plus they bought the Silva bay inn.
  7. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately Silva no longer has a restaurant....that part kinda sucks. I believe they're in the process of rebuilding but don't expect it will be completed before your trip.
  8. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    Does Pages have a restaurant?
  9. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    No restaurant at pages. You’d have to bbq on boat or if staying in the cabins I think they have kitchens. Could do a couple nights here bring supplies to cook, and then a few nights up Nanaimo way to get some restaurant action, Newcastle has moorage. Lots of options in that area around gabriola Nanaimo
  10. Drink

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    The Silva Bay Inn does have kitchenettes and moorage as I have stayed there in the past. Nothing exciting but reasonably priced and fishing Gabriola is minutes away. Book early though.

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