Pitt or Harrison Lake Trolling Tips

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Damien, May 8, 2017.

  1. Damien

    Damien Active Member

    Hey Folks, I'm getting tired of catching minnows at Alouette and want to try putting in some time in Pitt or Harrison Lake. Can't seem to get anything bigger.

    Any pointers? Not looking for 'secrets', just a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. The lakes are obviously huge and I am all for putting in the time, but a little help narrowing down some areas, depths or particular pieces of structure to start out with would be appreciated.

    I have downriggers and all the gear. Not much info to be found after a few hours of internet searching. Will either be fishing out of a 17ft runabout w/115 & kicker. Or 14' with 30hp, knowing and respecting the limitations of both vessels.

    Whether it's trout or bulls etc. Don't care, just trying to do better than 12' kokanee for a change.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    Cutthroat season on Pitt right now. Go to red slough in the small boat. Cast flies start with a Alexandria and then move to small minnow. Depends on how far along the fry are. If red gives nothing up, move to the docks around the corner and fish minnows

    Red slough gets shallow then deep again, you may need to push pull
  3. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Flatfish/Kwikfish plugs fished slow, slow, slow-the bigger the plug the bigger the Cutt.
  4. Reeltime

    Reeltime Well-Known Member

    Try the mouth of the Harrison for cutthroat this time of the year as the fry are emerging and there attacking , everything from a fry pattern to worm
    we anchor and cast towards shore was a great time ... water isn't crazy there ...launched at Kilby campground and it's a 5 min boat ride down to the mouth gin clear water ..

    as your going down river on the Harrison fish the right side before it hits the Fraser ... fish the clear water ,look for jumpers .
  5. papalorge

    papalorge Member

  6. Damien

    Damien Active Member

    Thanks for the tips Gents. Heading out somewhere on the weekend, not sure just where yet but will take the suggestions with me.
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  7. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    used to go about 1 km the north pitt and tie off to snags... put a suitable large spoon down for the current strength and catch many large varden!! very relaxing also....
  8. Damien

    Damien Active Member

    Thats my kind of fishing. I do that in the Fraser for pinks when the current/tide is just right. What do you mean by '1km the North Pitt?'

    1km north of the launch?
  9. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    1/2 km to 1 km up the north end (up the river) of the lake where the north pitt river empties into the lake. from memory its 15 miles from the launch... most successful spoon was a large yellow one with red diamonds painted on it.. i cant remember the name of it...
  10. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    5 of diamonds
  11. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Famous old Pike spoon that one.
  12. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    Yup pike and lake trout. Great old lure
  13. ChilliSpoons

    ChilliSpoons Active Member

    Lenn Thompson 5 of diamonds is the swiss army knife of lures. My son caught a Steelhead on one a few years back while trolling in a lake.
  14. Damien

    Damien Active Member

    Wow, I haven't seen one of those in a long time! I have an old hand-me-down box of all sorts of stuff. I will dig through and see what I can find.
  15. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Well-Known Member

    The 5 of diamonds is a great attractor on it, I have caught large steelhead on it. Army and Navy has the yellow with red five of diamonds

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