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Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Franko Manini, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member


    In the fishing reports sections of this forum, I think we are mostly interested in the Chinook data. They are the target species at this time of year and that is what I see most people talking about. What I propose in this thread, is that we all contribute to where we are catching pinks and the catch methods. Pinks are a great fishery for kids and beginners and most of us don't mind sharing information that will help get kids and newbies into these abundant fish.

    If you'd like to contribute, just add a post below.

    I'm heading out this afternoon/evening with the kids to see if I can't get them into some pinks. If I score I will report.
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  2. paulo

    paulo Member

    This is a good idea Franko as I have been waiting and searching for same for my kids as well
  3. Bows Up

    Bows Up Well-Known Member

    Pinks off of Kelsey Bay, now. Pink Buzz Bombs or the tried and true MP15 (bubble gum) squirt. Red flasher or green.
    Nothing wrong with a fresh pink on the BBQ.
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  4. walleyes

    walleyes Well-Known Member

    Absolutely nothing wrong with pinks, I'll take a 5# pink on the BBQ over a 25# Chinook any day. Those big Chinook are a blast to catch but good for the jar is about it. When you drive 1500km to go salmon fishing on the slow years trust me they can be a blessing if the Chinook fishing is slow. I usually chase the big boys until the mid day lull then I bring out the light weight gear, on my 9 weight fly rod I have a spool with 15# mono on it. I run a coyote spoon on it with a dummy flasher off the downriggers believe me they are a blast when you are in the big rip and a fly rod and into some 5 -6# pinks,, I'll take that action any day. It's about fun boys not just meat in the freezer. I'll never apologize for that.
  5. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    My oldest son and I put in a solid 3 hours between Saxe Point and the breakwater off the Victoria waterfront this afternoon. Not even a touch. A few other boats out there with nada too.

    A long steady flood tide like today's should have fished better. Maybe try again tomorrow.
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  6. CBsqrd

    CBsqrd Active Member

    Caught two pinks the past couple days while fishing for springs / coho. First was off Cape Mudge on a 5" tubby Herring Aid plug, second was on anchovy in Nodales Channel. Both at 150'.

    Not my first choice when it comes to catching, but the first was damn good on the BBQ fresh. The second had those white cysts in the meat, so didn't make it past the cleaning table.
  7. vicsurfer

    vicsurfer Active Member

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  8. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    I think this thread might just work. For those of you who post often in the reports threads, perhaps you could let other member know of this thread?

    Thanks everyone for participating!
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  9. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    my uncle is a fly fisherman and he is already catching them in the Campbell River. They are also jumping all over the place in Browns Bay right now
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  10. Newf

    Newf Active Member

    5lb pink today off of Albert Head at 11am.. 180ft of water DR at 120. Red teaser head and chovie. That was the only hit,,tried all the various depths and a mixture of spoons and hootchies.
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  11. Gator

    Gator Active Member

    Reports of pinks sighted last night around Sunset Marina. Trolled area starting at 6. Lots of fish on the screen but no takers. Trolled some of the shoreline up to Furry Creek. Shoreline packed with fishermen and many more boats hugging the shoreline. Saw schools travel along the shoreline rolling up top and just a few lucky ones catching one. Headed next to Britannia Beach and saw some caught there. No luck from the boat so drove to mouth of the Squamish. Some showing but too rough to fish properly. Think a few weeks early for fishing the bluffs to the west side. Headed back to Furry Creek to more anglers but looks like the morning bit had disappeared and you had to work to get one. Nice to see the pinks have started to show up in the Sound. Should get better each day.
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  12. aheny

    aheny Well-Known Member

    There's a decent amount on the Richmond foreshore, around t10-sandheads.
    The "banana" is open to pinks so don't be shy about going in shallow
  13. Heavyc

    Heavyc Active Member

    Decent pinks starting to show up in hardy bay right now. On top of that had a 15lb chromer slab hit on the pink squirt at daphne yesterday afternoon. My buddies 10yr old son fought & landed it like a pro. Fun stuff.
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  14. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    Thanks agiain for keeping this thread going folks. I hope a lot more beginners and young folks get a chance at a nice salmon because of this!
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  15. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    Still waiting for Pender Bluffs to pick up...
  16. Blackmax

    Blackmax Well-Known Member

    Thanks for report!
  17. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Nothing showing in the Cheakamus today.
  18. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Bulk of the run in the Squish and some off the beach at Nile Creek now too. Lots at Furry.
  19. Fisherman7

    Fisherman7 New Member

    Went out this am around comox, did not see any signs of pinks... Anyone else have any Intel for cape lazo, bell can area... have family coming to island and would love to get nephews into some pinks! Thx.
  20. floored

    floored Member

    Last few days have been ok for Pinks off the Pender Bluffs.

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