Pink salmon effects on orcas

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    Another bogus article.
    "brink of extinction" my ass.
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    This research proves that the more we think we know, the more we realize that we don't know. Some research also showing that both Sockeye and Chum are an important prey source for SRKW. L Pod which has shown the most decline of all the 3 pods has a closer correlation to Sockeye and Chinook. None of the SKRW pods has any positive correlation to Pink salmon - so the research hypothesis that Pinks may detract from the whales ability to access Chinook that are there to catch by hiding or masking them is a decent potential explanation. It also shows that we shouldn't place all our recovery efforts solely in the Chinook basket, as there are other important prey sources specific pods rely upon.
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    All the research points in all direction, depends on who is paying the researchers I think. I also have trouble believing that a pod of starving Orcas would swim past other salmon to only eat chinook that are no longer available. That goes against most science of prey/predators on the planet. Most species change food sources to avert starvation. Just my thinking but I am not paid by anybody and no scientist. I still think they are dying for a compilation of reasons. Stress, pollution, inbreeding and reduction of primary food source.

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    I also think it’s strange that one of the most furious, smartest hunters in sea would die of starvation.
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    Exactly. While it is true that SKRW's are dying, there is zero evidence that it is due to starvation. The fact that the whales are emaciated prior to death isn't necessarily a sign of starvation, only that they grew weak and stopped feeding prior to death. Any number of reasons could be a cause of it. It is rather curious that most of the other pod members seem otherwise healthy while one or two members are "starving" according to the enviro experts. I may be speculating, but the evidence that the cause of the SKRW's decline is due to a lack of salmon is also pure speculation.
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    I know one thing,, you can't place in the neighbourhood of 6 million people (which is the population of the lower mainland and SVI and Seattle area adjacent to Pugent Sound ) in an area that size and not expect it to have adverse effects on the wildlife, absolutely impossible.
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    Constantly harrased by whale watchers isn't helping them either!
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    In twenty years people are going to look back on that whole industry and just shake their heads.
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    Every other night now when I see a news broadcast regarding the southern whales I can’t help but think of the book , The Golden Spruce.
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    Great it twice. The paper on the Orcas and the Biennial cycles too;d me that cycles, or patterns are important , and that it really meant research has just touched the surface of what probably is a cascade effect...many things piling on...should be a penalty call here...but that the pattern fits Pink Salmon is perhaps just like many correlations...not science, but interesting enough to look further. perhaps chinook abundance in some runs is not the answer, as many of us have suspected.
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    I tied up to a blackcod boat in Kodiac Ak and learned they had changed from longline to traps since killer whales had learned to strip their gear as they hauled. The whales would jog at the flagpole waiting for the boat to haul the gear. A halibut longliner had to leave the Cape St James area as killer whales had learned the easy pickings of the halibut coming up.
    These orcas are smart and aren't called killer whales by accident. Our SRKW mainly eat spring salmon and the experts say they are starving because of lack of food?
    pink salmon are here in millions in odd years,herring in the thousands of tons from Oct-March,sockeye,coho,chum salmon,hake are in the Gulf of Georgia.100,000 seals,100,000 sealions here as well and none are skinny.
    In the SRKW ,K pod (18 whales) and L pod (35 whales) go S except for 2-3 months in summer,with one of those pods in decline. I wonder if the feces of these whales are examined as they swim to Calif to see if they consume King salmon all the way S?
    The experts claim the SRKW are starving even with all these fish and tasty pinnipeds around.
    Is this a made in BC/Washington problem as J pod (23 whales) are here for most of the year? I look forward to Dr. Trites talk Feb 5.
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    Good read about killer whales and their specialist food needs around the world. Focus mainly on Iceland but does discuss some of the other populations. It does illustrate tho just how certain populations become specialists and thats all the eat.


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