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    Most of you know I'm attached to Haig-Brown's Kingfisher Creek and try to keep on top of the things that need maintenance by hiking around and checking on areas of concern.

    Several days ago, heeding the forecast alerting us to the incoming weather we're now enjoying, I drove up the right-of-way leading to the Bifurcation structure at the top of the East Branch in order to make sure it was open and ready to handle the coming rains.

    Pulling into my usual parking spot I noticed a large pink ribbon hanging from a nearby branch.
    It had lettering on it so I checked it and saw that it was from the local Search and Rescue group and it suddenly became clear why it was there.

    Many of you have heard of this young fellow named Jordan Holling who has been missing for over a month, and it turns out the SAR group marks the areas they have searched locally, which is what this ribbon was signalling.

    Looking around and up the hill across the creek I noted several more ribbons hanging in different areas signalling that area had also been searched.

    There are a lot of them in the bush behind the creek and one can't help but wonder just what has happened and where is this young fellow today??

    It seems so strange to have a young person simply disappear with no trace and for no apparent reason.

    I was up there again today as I'd noticed the flow downstream was not what it should have been given the rain overnight and I suspected the Bifurcation structure was jammed up which causes water to flow down the old creek route rather than where we want it to go.

    It was half-jammed so I cleared it up and got most of the flow going the good way then looked once again at the ribbons hanging on the hillside. Once again I can't help but wonder just where young Jordan is.

    Sincerely hope there's a conclusion soon and he's found alive and well but geeze, this situation makes me feel so sad.

    Pink ribbons hanging on the hillside.

    Take care.
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