Pinaus lake resort in Falkland closing

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    copied from castanets news service:

    Deborah Pfeiffer - Mar 26 6:48 am
    The owners of Pinaus Lake Resort in the Falkland area have posted they are shutting down.

    A post on the mountain lake resort's Facebook page reads: "It is with heavy hearts we are announcing Pinaus Lake Resort will be closed indefinitely.

    "Due to land slide activity around the resort, there has been ongoing testing, which has come back as too dangerous for the approval of the government to continue to operate.

    "We will not be opening this season. We are shocked and saddened by this news and are doing everything we can to get organized, including contacting our permanent, year-round campers to co-ordinate removing their items from the resort."

    There is to be no one accessing the resort until further notice due to the danger of the slide.

    Any access to the resort will be considered trespassing due to the instability of the land above the resort.

    Access Pinaus Lake is limited to the Forestry Service site.

    "We have had many happy years sharing this resort with you, getting to know you and appreciate all the support over the years," say owners Avrid and Audrey Hoglund.

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    very sad. I remember fishing it as a kid.
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    too bad love fishing there every year and visiting with them

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