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Discussion in 'Questions and Comments' started by Pippen, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Hey Guys...aka Testers,

    Feel free to post up in this thread on this topic. I have already covered a few in my personal feedback forum but just noticed this one which I think should be investigated.

    • Some privacy/security in one's albums, gallery or even images would be nice.....more so on the ability to "share" the image. If you go into my gallery or this image Anyone can copy the links, Tweet it or link it to Facebook. We DO get spammers that sneak through the cracks and I'd hate to all of a sudden have them (or anyone for that matter) sharing the URL to images I have added. I intentionally have my Facebook account secure and completely tightened up to avoid things like this.
    • Another function as mentioned would be able to post an image FROM one's phone/tablet that is OVER 1MB directly into a post as opposed to having to route through the media gallery. I don't think I have a photo on my phone that is less than 1MB and the extra step is fine if sitting at one's desk or in a lounger but trying to post a photo from the water would just be a pain. This is done using the "Upload a File" function below the text box when typing a post.
    • The size of one's Media Gallery. It's at a max of 50MB......I think I may have loaded about 8 images thus far and they've taken up roughly 7.5 MB. That means roughly at this rate I'll get 50ish photos in my gallery and then have to start deleting. That's not very much if I am sharing the photos in threads....and then have to start deleting them which I imagine would subsequently delete them from any threads in which they've been shared. I think we'd ALL love to see more photos on the site and I can see this being a problem if we're trying to get people to host them on SFBC and not be forced to use a site like Photobucket.
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    This isn't related to security, but I was having some grief with images being rotated by the forum. This info would be helpful to iPhone users:

    Just did a little test with the pics, and the only way a photo will post properly is if you take the photo in landscape (sideways not vertical) with your home-button on the right (iPhone). Any other orientation of the phones camera will result in an upside down, or sideways pic! Hope this helps someone else!

    Not sure if this info can be posted in a more appropriate location, but I thought this might help someone else who is seeing their images rorltated or upside down!

    Love to see more pics!
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