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  1. fshnfnatic

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  2. Ned

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    Was out today 10 til 2. Landed a 16 and 12, lost two others. 62 - 75 feet on anchovy. Saw a dozen or so boats. Most were catching fish of some sort.
  3. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    The streak continues.Got to the bluffs at 7:00 AM.Only 2 other boats so threw the gear down.8:15 the hot rod with
    the purple onion/glow green teaser head goes off.Set the hook and it just takes right off,peeling line like crazy and I know it's a real good one.Start gaining some line back and the fish starts acting strangely.Up pops snuffy the seal
    with my fishes tail in it's mouth and I can tell by the size of it,It's a hog!Turn the boat around and chase him down
    and after a few releases from snuffy,the fish ends up on its side 20 ft. from the boat.Cranked it in like mad and into the
    net a split second before the seal pops up beside the boat.Weighed in at 32 lbs.It took a fair chunk out of the tail and was bleeding quite badly,which was too bad because I've made a point of releasing any fish I think may be a Tyee
    for a few years now.Also picked up a 16 lber at 10:30.A huge thunderstorm moved through around noon so we headed back to the dock early and called it a day.The Tyee will get the royal treatment he deserves and be brined
    and smoked over the next couple of days.He will definately not have died in vain!
  4. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    Sounds like an a killer battle there fshnfnatic! Nice work on wrestling that hog away from mr. seal. That's the first tyee I've heard of in the gulf islands this year (I'm sure I don't hear about all fish) so nice work and good intentions on the release too. I'll be over to fish the bluffs this weekend so hopefully a few nice ones still there. Any pinks still holding at the bluffs? Pretty crazy drop on run size for fraser pinks down to 6M from triple that as preseason forecast. Some very bad ocean survival rates for some reason.
  5. Mavericko

    Mavericko New Member

    Was thinking of heading to the bluffs tomorrow. Are the fish still biting like the way they were last week?
  6. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    It's been fairly consistent up till a couple of days for us.Seems to be a bite of some sort every morning before 9::00 AM
    then tide dependent after that.The pinks have definately thinned out which helps on the bait.I'm busy smoking fish
    right now or would be there tomorrow as well,but will have to wait till Monday.The springs are still in Sooke so there's
    still more to come through yet.Good luck to ya!
  7. Mavericko

    Mavericko New Member

    Thanks - didn't make it out today but looking forward to tomorrow....
  8. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Crew Member

    I tried to make it. The wind forecast was off... Launched at 1, made it to Sidney Spit, fished for 30 minutes and then my guest got seasick and the winds picked up so we called it quits. Maybe tomorrow will be better?
  9. slader99

    slader99 Member

    Made it out yesterday from about 7 thru 12. Several small springs released (under 10lbs) before 8:30 and then not a single strike for the rest of the afternoon. Fishing wasn't so hot but it was a wonderful warm, calm day on the water.

    It was a parking lot out there without anyone seeing much action. I wonder if the fishing picked up during the ebb around 1pm....

  10. carpeweekend

    carpeweekend Crew Member

    Similar report as slander 99. Fished the bluffs from about 10 -2 on Saturday. A lot of boats but not a lot of fish. Lost one small Spring but that was it. Didn't see many nets out. Had to be over 40 boats along the bluffs.
  11. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Heading out early for another crack at them.Hopefully some fish have moved in overnight.Sounds like it's a bit slower
    than earlier in the week.Maybe all that rain we got sent them on their way.Should still be some more coming yet but
    it's getting close to the end of the migratory springs for this year.Hoping to get at least one white one for the jars
    before it's all over with!
  12. Mavericko

    Mavericko New Member

    It was a great day on the water...calm seas, sunny, and some fish!

    We didn't get going until about 10:30 today. We had few hits, lost a smaller one near the boat but managed to land a 15 and 16 lb'er. What a gong-show of boats out there....we counted close to 40 at one point. Saw a few nets come out...hard to tell the size.
  13. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Out at the bluffs at 7:00 AM.Picked up a 12 lb. spring about 8:30 then a small hatch coho a little later.Fished till 2:00
    with nothing but a couple of pinks to show for it.Saw a few others caught,but didn't look like there was any size to them either.Fog for the morning but burnt off in the afternoon.We're gonna give it a rest till later in the week and hopefully
    a few more biggies show up.
  14. persistent

    persistent Active Member

    We fished the bluffs this morning and yesterday, and we were able to manage one fish per day, a 15 and 18lb spring. Both fish were taken on anchovies, one at 62ft and the other at 72 ft. like Mavericko said it was a gong show on Sunday, there was a large sail boat that was trying to fish with the pack, but he kept cutting everyone off, people like that piss me off!
  15. I made it over to Pender for a couple hours on Sunday. Put 1 in the cooler at 11#, lost 1. First time fishing solo, which got exciting when a fish was on. Lost the first one because I let the boat get out of control for a second. Live and learn.
    I stayed in Port Sidney and then made the run back to Pender on Monday when the fog lifted. Put in another 2 hours and boxed a 16#, with a rookie rod holder. For me that's a successful weekend! All on anchovies.
  16. Arjento

    Arjento Active Member

    fished pender bluffs on sunday, from 930am to 3pm really slow for us not much happening saw a few netted but nothing but wild undersized coho for us. in the zoo but then moved on to fish away from the pack saw the sail boat persistent was talking about yeah agreed. I like Pender and Sidney crowd though lots of nice ppl out there on the water if that sail boat was trying in sooke or victoria ppl would be all over him on the radio and it would be very unpleasant listening to :p does anyone think there will be more springs to come or is it pretty much game over? not really familiar with the pender sidney fishery I only fish it a couple times a year
  17. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Fished the Bluffs yesterday, lots of boats not much action. Released a couple of small Coho and lost a tug of war with Snuffy. In the afternoon the whales came through and put on a good show . Good day on the water, just quiet.
  18. Mavericko

    Mavericko New Member

    Thinking about heading to the bluffs tomorrow...has there been any action, or have the fish moved on? Anyone go out today?
  19. Tried pender this morning. A slow day for us, only got 1 pink, on an anchovie. It looked slow all around as I only saw 2 other boats net fish. I didn't mark any bait all morning either. Saw the big whale cruise by though, which was cool!

    Pender produced some good days for me this year. I've got enough salmon in the freezer so I think I'm going to call it a season. Good luck to the rest of you!
  20. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Yep.We decided to pull the pin too,SS.Go out on a high note they say.Was a hell of a year for springs although some
    were on the small side.Could mean a good run of larger 4-5 year olds next year.Can hardly wait.Good luck to you
    diehards and we'll see see you next summer!

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