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  1. fshnfnatic

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    Thanks for the info,guys.Nice detail as well on that RogersonCrusoe.That'll help make my last minute
    decisions for sure.
  2. Pursuit

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  3. ziggy

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    Great day for Pinks. From 120 to 30!
  4. Salted

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    That's a great resource - thanks Rogerson!

    While we're at it, might as well mention (depth and contour, ground type, etc). The website is free, and they also make a $20 phone app.
  5. RogersonCrusoe

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    Thanks everyone! I love that site and use it all the time.

    I was out at the Bluffs on Saturday from 2-7. 6 pinks in the boat and lost more than that. Was in 210' of water and between 40 and 65 on the cables. Hot action included a triple header and a very large chinook that broke the line. Thankfully we didn't see the fish, otherwise it would have broken the heart of the rod holder. Got a lot of run out of it, too.

    Lures were pink spoon and pink squirt behind purple haze flashers.

    Caught off the Right side guano rocks.

    Hoping for chinook reports!!
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  6. Fisherf

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    caught two pinks on sunday. 4' 5' pounders
  7. 4bouys

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    Fished the Bluffs Sunday at sunrise. Saw people hitting pinks everywhere but no love for us until 10:00 at Wallace Point. 4 pinks and 2 6 lb springs all off Wallace pt by 12:30.
  8. FisherTim

    FisherTim Active Member

    Springs, Huh?

    How deep, and on chovies?
  9. dentalnut

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    out at the bluffs {white rocks} from 12 - 3 sunday. 8 pinks , bunch more lost. out about 1 k from shore. 40- 100 ft. . orange hootchie on one, pink apex on other . same results. speed 2.5 t0 3 mph. too much fun.
  10. Was out at the bluffs yesterday morning with Vanislehunter onboard. Boxed 8 pinks between 7 and 8. Afterwards we dropped the gear deeper to try and find some springs but no such luck.

    I will point out that we did have a third on the boat. My father. We had enough of the pinks and wanted to try for some springs. In my effort to keep the post short I left out a critical detail.
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  11. Sidneyboy

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    We had a fun filled family day of Pink fishing off the bluffs. Got a late start cause the kids had to swim in the pool at Poets first so didn't get onto the water till after 12PM but it didn't seem to matter as the action was non stop. All 3 kids were grinning as the action and double headers were continuous. Lots of boats out and everyone was netting fish. We caught 7 in 3 hours but lost as many or more. Hard to say if we lost so many because they were Pinks or because we just let the kids just go for it but who cares they had a blast! Even mom caught one! The day ended with a reel off with a seal but after 10mins we were able to at least save the gear. One rigger at 40' with a small Cop Car spoon and the other rod, that was hand held, was 40 pulls with a pink squirt. I know I am not a pro and I know all the Pros want the big Tyees but try and tell my daughter she didn't catch a big one! Get your kids out there and have a blast!

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  12. Sparkie

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    Pink wave continues at Pender Bluffs. Fished for an hour this morning from 7:30 to 8:30am and picked up our limit of 8 fish. Fished pink hoochies on green at 70 ft and one on a 6oz weight. Lots of fish on the surface. No sign of any springs. Great opportunity to take out young or older folks who can't handle the big fish or the usual wait between fish. Nice warm morning on the water.
  13. Xena

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    Hey Sidney Boy!
    Great to hear your kids had a blast out at Pender Bluffs! Sounds like you have three lifetime fishermen:) Xena
  14. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    That's what it's all about right there Sidney Boy.. In your kids eyes your a pro and in the end that's all that matters..
  15. Chumbawumba

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    Went out on Sunday for around 2hrs, couldn't keep 2 lines in the water. Probably around 12-15 pink, one lost Chinook. Fish jumping everywhere, you could see them swimming by just looking in the water. Never seen it like that at Pender.

    Fun for family if you're looking to feed yourself for dinner or get a few bites for the little ones, but nothing of size.
  16. Arjento

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    Out on the bluffs yesterday (monday) morning, calm water, and lots and I mean lots of Pinks, action was non stop. Had to stop at 1030 switch spots for springs as we were approaching limits and looking for springs to finish the limit. Yep Sidney is a tuffy fished the powderwharf and not much love there for springs. But Pender wow lots of pink action if you're looking to have fun with the kids.
  17. sailfisher

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    Went out to the Pender Bluffs with my two girls (4 and 7 years old). Had a great time fishing for pinks. We used flashers with small spoons and caught fish mostly between 10' and 45'. Probably had 20 hook ups in 3 hours. The fish were small but we sure enjoyed catching them!
  18. FisherTim

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    7:30-9:30 this morning

    Lost a couple of pinks and won this spring from a seal

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  19. fshnfnatic

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    Well here we go.First saltwater report for over 18 months(engine troubles).Fished the bluffs Friday from 8:00 till 3:00
    One rod with pink gear,the other with anchovie down deep to stay away from the slimmers.7 pinks and no springs.
    Only saw pinks being caught with about 20 or more other boats around.Decided to troll back towards Cowichan Bay on
    the way home and threw one rod way down to 220 ft. with a purple onion flasher and green pistachio glow hoochie in
    380 ft. of water.Not 5 mins. later get a pin popper,and feels like a good fish.Turns out to be a nice little 17 lb. red
    spring.Pulled the gear and ran home.Great day on the water,although a little hot with not a breath of wind.Nice to be back on the chuck.I really missed it!
  20. FisherTim

    FisherTim Active Member

    5 Pinks and a 26LB today.

    An anchovy brined in BBQ sauce, will have to try that again.

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