Pathetic Vancouver area Boat Ramps

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by high tide, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    wow, this gets more and more frustrating as the years go by.
    I live out in the Fraser Valley. I commonly launch at McDonald, Steveston, Ladner, rare at Planitarium, Ambleside, or Sunset, Reid Pt is an absolute theft for what they charge and a long run to fishing grounds. The Fraser River has almost ZERO also. Why not more Ramps?

    Jeeze if I owned property on the Fraser I'd be applying to get one ASAP.

    The Kwantlen Band in Fort Langley could make a FORTUNE with their Ramp if they had the smarts to put in a proper dock or any dock for that matter, tons of parking etc....... but no.......

    With ramps that are tide sensitive to deep V hulls, not dredged, and traffic, options are terribly limited.

    Now with McDonald closed due to Tug down and diesel spill, Steveston with almost Zero parking, Ladner super tide sensitive and little parking, down town Vancouver Planitarium ramp is crazy to haul big boats through traffic....... It appears to me our Officials want less and less marine traffic out there period. We are HUGE contributors to the local economy in so many ways but access to our waters is getting less and less, plus more and more crowded.

    Nanaimo Gets It. Wow! What a terrific facility they have. Three lanes wide, wonderful dock and 6 bucks. Cudos to those officials that are helping the local economy in so many ways with this.

    What's your thoughts on this subject? Why?
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  2. Damien

    Damien Well-Known Member

    Rich whitey + Nimby-ism.

    They want their marinas and yacht clubs. They don't want joe blow in 'their' waters.
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  3. doonhamer

    doonhamer Member

    yea , shore line is valuable.. where is all the Gov wharfs gone , ramps too ?.. Port Canada doesn't want them .. and yea some landowners too .. I certainly see room for more , certainly see a missed opportunity for some shore owners .. know one that wanted to do this in Maple Ridge , site of a shake mill , but ran into a stone wall with bureaucracy , established ramp and pilings , re deck dock and yard for parking , repurpose/change zone a building to commercial ... but no, the city and feds threw in road blocks .. condo development was the grand plan ..
  4. Goathorns

    Goathorns Active Member

    You know of course the Ambelside ramp is long gone, and not coming back.
    It's almost to the point where when I see a trailered boat, I wonder where out of town they go, and how much it costs on the ferry. I'm trying to sell a moored boat and most buyers want a trailer. They never ask about the moorage.

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