Part 2: DFO’s Plan to Gut Rules Protecting Wild Salmon from Fish Farm Disease

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by bigdogeh, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Wow, words that come to mind are disgusting, appalling, and corruption. What a nasty, dirty industry. I wish it would just disappear.
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    Right now we have the best chance to achieve this. Our current provincial government is most favourable to achieving this goal. The federal government is in this reconciliation phase. It won’t get much better then the current political winds.

    If you aren’t writing letters to our government telling them you want the industry cleaned up or gone then your part of the problem.

    Post up your letter and responses here. Expecting ENGO’s to do your work for u is not enough. A ground up grass roots protest by all is what needed.

    Don’t wait for the conservative government or our economic Libs to get back In power by then it will be to late.

    We have to make this more important then people having jobs, more important then day care, more important then funding our schools or hospitals. More important then easing the min wage or funding cancer research.

    If these farms need to be gone now them make it your top priority to do so.
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    Believe me wmy, I have sent in many letters to all forms of govt. I do what I can, just like many on here, and support the groups that also want the FF's out.
    The collective voice is getting louder....

    I wouldn't claim that the FF's are the ones support all these great jobs, health care, cancer research and all that. I would actually counter that having wild salmon would actually support all what you mentioned much more than the FF's. Putting more people to work, generating more money in tax revenue. More money for the local economy in the form of tackle sales, guides, Eco-tourism, whale watching, marine mechanics and on and on.

    I know you are being sarcastic, but we are better off without the Farms. That's quite clear. Don't ask the usual silly questions, I'm not going to play 'chase my tale with you. There is plenty of scientific data here for you to read. If you read it, and still think FF's are a good idea, then so be it. You are in the minority.
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  5. wildmanyeah

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    Perhaps u did not understand what I said you have to make getting rid of fish farms more of a priority then Thoes other issues. Getting rid of fish farms needs to be tabled as top priority legislation not thoes other topics.

    Some how getting rid of bridge tolls were more of a priority.
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  6. Fishing?

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    Isn't/aren't there rules about species extinction? Each run lost is unique even if it still a salmon. A bear is a bear but some are unique and protected, the same with owls and marmots and whales.

    Get rid of them? Just get a First Nations to table it in the world court maybe.
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  7. Fishing?

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    Norway seems to think so.
  8. wildmanyeah

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    Even Almo agrees with me get out there and write thoes letters, Failure to act now and you might as well lump yourself in as a pro fish farmer.

    "I am writing to let you know that the hard work as been done, we just need your voice. This is the moment you can make a big difference for wild salmon.

    This past summer, after decades of saying NO to salmon farming in their territorial waters, the Musgamagw and Namgis people started pushing back hard, occupying salmon farms until the Province of BC stops renewing fish farm tenures without their permission.

    Incredibly, the companies managed to obtain injunctions and are now threatening to arrest First Nations in their own territories if they get too close to the farms. Undeterred the nations continue to occupy islands that over-look the farms – day 144.

    We have an opportunity: One quarter of the provincial fish farm tenures are expiring.

    The NDP government has a choice: heed the science and engage in true reconciliation by refusing to renew fish farm tenures where the industry has no agreements with First Nations, or violate First Nation rights, ignore that 80% of the BC farm salmon are carrying a Norwegian virus and renew the tenures.

    Please, use this incredibly easy tool at to raise your voice for wild salmon and send a letter to your MLA, asking them to not renew salmon farm tenures in Musgamagw/Namgis territories. It takes less than a minute.

    Premier Horgan is gambling with our wild salmon. If he hears from enough people, he will deny the tenures, if not he will renew them. It’s simple. You know what to do.

    Thank you so much,

    Alexandra Morton"
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  10. rockdog

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    Wow, staggering numbers in that report AA. Those looking for % of impact the farms can cause, just read that report.

    Thanks for the info WMY, good to see you have changed your tune. Easy to do once you read the research.
  11. Fishing?

    Fishing? Member

    A simple solution is to tell the FF's to shut down for a period of time to see if there is a difference. A moratorium if that will appease them. But shut them down now.

    Help feed the whales!
  12. bones

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    They sortta have shut them down. Numbers have been going down since we kept records. Long before fish farms showed up. Look at the Broughton.... Touchy subject. No farm leases prior to mid 80's. Just sayin
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    viruses and diseases can spread. Just because there isn't a farm close by, it does not mean that diseases are not being passed along. The reach can be much farther than their immediate area. Nothing good comes out of the farms.

    If I caught the Flu in Victoria and then drove to Calgary. Would it be possible for me to infect my friends out there? The answer is yes....
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  14. SpringVelocity

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    No group is ever going to win this battle until Trudeau changes the Fisheries Act back to what it was. Until then it's going to stay the same with any industrial project across BC. It's the way it is. Sorry to say.

    It isn't the NDPs fault.
  15. cuttlefish

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    I'm confused. What has been sorta shut down? Number of what have been going down since records were kept?
    Oh, and can you name for me one fish farm that has been shut down due to sea lice? I have asked you for clarification of your previous statement before and have not received an answer.
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  16. bones

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    There were no farms in the Broughton prior to mid 80's. Yet numbers were dwindling prior. Matter of fact if you look at the timeline there were only a handful of farms in the 70 & 80's mainly in Sechelt area. Stocks have been going down well before farms came to th coast, would you care to explain how.... Today you can say get the farms out of the water cuz there responsible for salmon dwindling inventories. BUT numbers have been dwindling long before farms were really here......weird. Maybe , just maybe...... This is all hype, eh? Who would benefit from millions of tons of fish being removed from the market? Ah.... The competition, could this all be drummed up by the US fish farms???

    As for a farm being removed for sea lice look it up. Specifically farms in esperenza inlet. There empty as in " no fish in them".
    If its bothering you so much do some research and let us know. They were pulling the farm back in this September.
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  17. GLG

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    Clearly others disagree with your timeline and if one needs to trust a source I would go with the Pacific Salmon Foundation and would dismiss what you are saying there Bones. FYI PSF says 1993-1995 but hey what do they know.....

  18. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    Psf says what about 1993-1995? And what part are you disagreeing with glg?
  19. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you can prove that stocks have been "dwindling prior" to FF showing up. I have showed evidence that your timeline is wrong. Here is another graph from a different thread that is commercial harvest. It's does not show abundance but it's still useful for a proxy.
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  20. cuttlefish

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    Well thank you for your somewhat helpful reply and narrowing things down to Esperanza Inlet. I did some research and, according to DFO databases, two farms were active there in 2016 - Steamer and Esperanza. Both had high avearge lice abundances in the later half of the year;(

    However, it does not appear that the two farms were "relocated" as that would require a move to a new location which would require an application for a new tenure and finfish licence and there have been none. (, (

    Also peak biomass monitoring took place at both sites in Feb. 2017 (

    So those sites were not "relocated". The fish may have been "removed"/harvested at the farm sites but the farms have not been "removed".
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