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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by bikingFish, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    does anyone know when the papermill dam sockeye fishing opens and when does it close? like casting off the rocks into the river. and has there been any fish being caught there?
  2. you fish up in the slicks in the rapids with a float n longleader n wool......make sure your good at casting over yourback because it get pretty tight......shoulder to shoulder so you cant sidecast......n if you hook some guy you gaurentee'd a earful......and if hook the wrongperson prob get a mouth full fist..a buddy got his limit last week

    cheers steelyman
  3. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    so i take it that the river is open for fishing?
  4. IronNoggin

    IronNoggin Well-Known Member

    The "River" itself actually is NOT open for fishing for sockeye. The cut-off is the white signs at PaperMill Dam, right at the first break in flow at the top of the rapids - marked. Up to that point it is considered, and governed by Salt Water Regulation. Make certain you have your TIDAL Licence in hand, the Non-Todal will get you a ticket. Don't venture above that point and retain any sockeye or be prepared to face a ticket and gear confiscation.

    This is a floss fishery, and can and does get quite crowded. Make sure you know what you're doing before leaping into line with the 17 others harvesting sockeye. Some are rather easy to annoy.

  5. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    cool thanks, im going to be fishing up their next week. last year i came late and it was closed.
  6. will probably be takin a look at er wednsday evening.....:D

    cheers steely
  7. OldBlackDog

    OldBlackDog Well-Known Member

    This is a harvest</u> fishery.:D

    As noted,practice your casting and have a great time.:)

  8. RyanOh

    RyanOh Guest

    where exactly is the papermill damn??
  9. it is on the somass river...... go up falls road and you'll se the sign ......buddy got 4 in an hour lastnight[8D] hittin er up tomorrow night

    cheers steelheadman
  10. scottyboy

    scottyboy Guest

    is a sad way 2 fish [B)]just a meat fishery
  11. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    Flossing rules!!!
  12. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    sounds like good fishing up their, i will be up their on the 24,25,26,27 so hope fully the fishery stays open there, last time i came up too late missed it by one day!
  13. went lastnight managed to land 4......... 2 with seal bites outa them:([V], so went home with 2 released the other 2[8D].......lost a good handfull too[B)]:(, goin this lunch hour and afterschool still got acouuple wobblypops left from lastnights show[^]

    cheers steelheadman
  14. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    sweet, i better catch my limit for the days im up their. but the problem is that i would be camping at the galazxy way camp grounds. so i would be storing them in a cooler for a couple of days which wont be too good for the fish. ill be buying lots of ice
  15. Mongoose

    Mongoose Guest

    yup buy lots of ice and make it so bears/children dont get into the cooler
  16. go down to the harbourkey and buy saltwater ice will last way longer and keep the fish good[^].............galexy eh...should just camp at the campground along hectare road, way closer to the damn and on the better side of the river also....should take a look at the sites there nice, well if your on that side ill have to stop by n have couple wobbleypops:D

    cheers steelheadman.....(chad)
  17. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    galaxy way campgrounds is right on the river and i like it there, not many people know of it so theres a good choice of areas for fishing.
  18. Mongoose

    Mongoose Guest

    joe.s i have no idea what you just said
  19. lol joe.s you got a name? not an alchi lol :D and dont plan on bein one, just like to enjoy ahandfull a brews when i go out fishn[:eek:)] know the sayin drink like a fish think like a fish [:eek:)][8D] jkjk managed a good limit today with lots assbiters lets go and lots longline releases..........might go take a look at er tonite with buddy well anyways im goin bed for awhile

    cheers steelheadman
  20. bikingFish

    bikingFish Guest

    is their still lots of fish being caught up their? when is the best time to go out, i remeber catching lots at sun-set and also some in the morning but during the day it better to jump in the river and go for a swim then trying to fish because is so dam hot at that time.

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