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    Here is a sample of products currently available through our online store powered by Pacific Net and Twine. Remember to tell us what you would like to see added to the program in our suggestions thread.

    Amundson Trend X5 Mooching Reel Black (Limited Quantity Available)
    Regular price $399.99 Crew Member Price $299.99.

    Regular price $89.95 Crew Member Price $71.75. ****IMPORTANT**** Beginning April 2019, descending devices will be mandatory equipment for all fishers. This is a great opportunity to pick yours up at a discounted rate.

    PNT 18000002GLOW-1-1024x683_1024x1024@2x.jpg
    The TKO Spoon in a variety of colours and sizes. Size #3 Regular price $5.09.Crew Member price $3.82.

    You can preview the entire store here.
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    Obviously you guys know better than I do what is worth having for sale through the ‘online store,’ but I would have liked to have seen some popular brands of ‘reel sized’ spools of line. Due to the reel I just purchased here (that said preloaded with line) and because of where I live, finding out that the reel shipped without line has kinda screwed things up for me. Now I’m trying to source line and deal with additional logistics. Having line available in the online store would have at least allowed me to get line shipped to me within a day of the reel arriving. Fwiw. Thanks.
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    Got the reel today... Sweet! Just waiting for the line now, but don’t imagine because of the long weekend that it will show up till around Tues/Wed. Pumped on getting it on the water!!! Yeehaa... Thanks guys.
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    Just wondering... Any idea about the shipping details? Didn’t see anything noted. Is there a value / threshold amount that ships for free?
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    @alyaz the shipping rates are a set price based on total purchase. $0 to 74.99 is $15.00. $75 to $149.99 is $10.00 and $150.00 and up is free. Of course, for those able to, pickup at PNT locations in Richmond, Parksville or Prince Rupert is free!

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    Ah, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Guess I just need to do larger orders :)

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