Pacific Angler’s Friday Fishing Report: October 10th, 2014

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    The fall salmon season is in full swing in the Fraser Valley. Although the Chilliwack is low and clear, it has been producing some beautiful coho and chinook. The other Fraser tributaries should have some coho and chum milling about. With rain in the forecast for the weekend and early next week, we should see rivers rise and the fishing improve greatly. There is a good chance that many rivers will blow out, but once they come back into shape, it should be some of the best salmon fishing of the season. The Squamish system is still not quite there as the weather has stayed unseasonably warm making the water clarity extremely poor.

    Fall lake fishing is always an option if you are willing to drive. Most lakes in the Cariboo region are worth the drive in early October.

    The mouth of the Capilano has been fishing rather slow in recent days. The fish are still out there and we are hoping more will arrive over the next week or so. Sandheads should be fishing well for chinook and coho, but we have not heard of many anglers making the run south.

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