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  1. AlK

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    I need help with outlook mail.

    I recently agreed to have windows updated on my computer – BIG MISTAKE. Now I find that I can no longer receive or send email or backup my email. The message I get is “The Operation failed”. I think the problem is that Microsoft no longer supports Outlook 2003 and did something to Windows 10 in the latest update to make outlook non-functional. I can read previous messages that I sent or received but I can no longer forward them or reply to then.

    I was hoping to switch to the Thunderbird mail system, but the system uses MBOX as opposed pst system. Which means in order to migrate the outlook system to Thunderbird the pst file needs to be converted to MBOX. Outlook does not allow me to export the files- I get the Operation failed message nor can I import with Thunderbird.

    I have my emails backed up to in a pst file up to December 19.

    I have been trying to convert this file with programs off the internet, but to date I have had no luck.

    Anyone have any advice how to deal with this?

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

  3. AlK

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    Thanks, I looked at that and lots of other suggestion on the internet - but all to no avail.
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    I remember losing everything when something similar happened and nothing could bring it back- luckily I'd just changed jobs so none was too important.
  7. AlK

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    Thanks GLG, I looked at that, but it did not help me. It sure is frustrating, I am convinced this is intentional to render the old software obsolete, to get guys like me who are running old software to spend more money to upgrade to the latest version.
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